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The Treaty of Versailles was perceived by many Germans (and later Allied statesmen) as unfair; it was not.
The peace settlement Germany demanded of Russia in 1917 was much more brutal. Because Germany sued for peace while the Wehrmacht was still on foreign soil, many Germans saw the terms of the Treaty as punitive, but never saw that the German Army was on the brink of total collapse. Had Germany attempted to hold out any longer, the Wehrmacht would have disintegrated, Allied armies would have marched deep into German land, and the peace settlement would have been FAR more unsatisfactory.

The Depression, not the Treaty of Versailles, is what creates the circumstances necessary for Hitler's rise.
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Virtually everyone agrees that the ending of WW1 was a mistake. what the **** is your point? we should have let Hitler win?
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I think you'll find that most of the US is rational when it comes to Hitler. It's only the loud minority of retards who thinks that all Germans are evil. That being said, I wish the rest of the world could understand that not every American is fat, stupid, and classless
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Thats right, and not all Canadians are nice, you cock gobbling thundercunt.

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That wasn't funny, douchebag

I'm sorry, I chuckled a bit..
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ingnorance is no excuse you nazi ****
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