The story of Retard Lee. Well, someone else posted the story of fats McGee again, but i rarely see this one, so, for your viewing pleasure, The story of Retard  The story of Retard Lee Well someone else posted the fats McGee again but i rarely see this one so for your viewing pleasure
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The story of Retard Lee

The story of Retard Lee. Well, someone else posted the story of fats McGee again, but i rarely see this one, so, for your viewing pleasure, The story of Retard

Well, someone else posted the story of fats McGee again, but i rarely see this one, so, for your viewing pleasure, The story of Retard Lee.

Anonymous on 81036114) ) 00 5145 No B
Well sht iddnt noyice tho
Doctor/ U Reparing we come to share a second story wen you all The story Lee, an evolved, pines Mcgee He had allthe retard arms McGee one And double the allys
Brace yourself, ttg were 901719 deep anothe , whathe story 1 lost Desk Higschool Tennessee
Anonymous on ) _ 55 31 No 401153052 to
we Story of Lee To k/ l a Cardbord
was alter Fats ween
atthe head ofthe Socal Stud's departments my school " a meelee
noice we day 1 nee a Peer Buddy my class
due to the Fats Incadent
ere Lee
tall Eas/ y a head Overmy lanky black nae wth buck me
wwe lesson nee song wth ms pagetutor and 1 w to turn the lights out
stands knowing a desk over we calm mm wen but Lee pushes her down and at the door
ths pawl an combat wen the escape Into the hall the guard enise mm down
my classroom agaen slp andjust my back
wheres e tra/ of stearing bennie mm
goingto seen
Anonymous on ) 05_ ) 01 04 38 No 101184186 to
days later We learnedly keep my eyes on Lee llevan 1
learn mellee
d has Strawberry Fame and Pushpins
class we day and es usual l reeks
operand noice 71251271 ms bag
men unclean downlo pck l up and the ofthe steno's
munfen melted pushpins and nightcaps of strawberry Fanta roll out
wwe can explode everywhere the Moro shaky asshat
wee damn l
start tryig to cleanfur
noices 1 have ms bag
get recomended fur destrucion instument property
has unleashed a box he cannot control
Anonymous on ) / 14 44 No 101185980 to
We Kfa, , 11th_ doctor_
we Tale 01111935 Lee part Ill Not even Death
1 Lee unha the semester
we mm ms midterm l cleared the class and to the pagetutor that students ere to nostalg danng the exam
already a brew/ 111 and Lee ms wee Bones
Wage starts screeching ta% pagetutor s/ inces mm and helioos at me gran
walk by ms desk acidentally bump we ms desk and / All oer we Exam
the bottle at me
Inthe eye
well the pagetutor a dyke been
became may be battle and make
have a neesi phone but 1 buy a paw Forthe 51212351071 1 have someone 1 needto call and wen andno be able to plan wen Plus " ms birthday seen anyway
hme to bango Ray
Anonymous on 81036114) 05/ 22/ 12( 22: 31 No 401157321 B
We 1337554151541 New KB, 498x352, 11th_ Doctor_ weaing_ a_ )
we tale Lee Part IV Gettng the
mere than to allioth me Mad Tard 2 Beyond Thunderdome
has became a whee point schoolbook fur
drug sht
Ray outide the schooling day
we snese the new
Hes a legendary nuisence
we we days ermine up
Palease swatch den to RAY 5 sade
wernete on we daito
mlds hme to make
lead Lee away mm
we wanders a new Ally Jesica Rays hance who carts
ssne ewes by 111 a Lee wens outland runs
phdtickles mm
suspended Fortwo weeks
wen we ofthe He be " rom here en
and beers ere exchanged
w new plan
Anonymous on 81936114) ) 01 32 53 No 401159137 151
We 1337554773777 was Kfa, , )
we tale 57111990 Lee v Unacceptable Loss
wwe Alles " cahnt ourselves been on wee Lee
Birthday December we that He' s a Sophomore baths prim! andim coach Ths eer
advantage later
Lee' s mentally stable brewer class Ray constantly at the school new campus my
Ewen l happens
essere blue breaks Ray and was reason
vall could be found moment
e needto launch eer attack -now-
reemember es
vae mum get
vwhen we day December w
v" Ester B please report to the
we k M
Anonymous on / : 42 52 No 401190809 B
We KB, 372x253, Mr)
rme, Ray and Blobwut ere anothere
mrhat Fuckig Cunt
all were busted we could but 1 haveto do l
take Say 1 coverted ray and
my we weeks
hme two weeks / a teacher
am prepared to lose everyting we ewe ace tbt
buy so much god damn Fania So much god damn Pushpins
wwe and ermine sonly ewes ere veneered standing
we lave a speech
stenson how es bad m' kay am how mph often munterpunter "
mand then 1 getto
mand new often Retard: get no parchment
m" Ahem es uhm sham _"
we Fuck you " Retard ewe sht let andew/
Into ewes Lee
Anonymous on 81036114) ) 01 53 10 No 401192575 B
Lee' s desk
we out " 1 grab ms bag and wen l walkng beams: my pedestal
m" However someimes men the mentally retarded can retaught parchment we mess what we called '
oopen each orms Ewes Pount onthe Mor 1 dot's and and Then aee to the my shalln a meme 35 m of pushpins
crying and screeming new and He' s hyperventilated " 1 open machone ewe pushpins and smashtray en the whiteboard shie down Mor
stands everyting over
calmly wen out and sunglasses " 1 walk out
me then Ray
all wen out and cheb my eer
rwe" parts ewe warm but we chll Smle
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(01/16/2013) [-]
Damn I love Doctor /b/'s stories.
Shame about the job.
User avatar #2 to #1 - thatnerdyguy
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(01/16/2013) [-]
Oh, and you may want to try the 4chan channel for this kind of thing next time.
It's a shame to see such great content get so few views.