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here ya go
here ya go
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there's potential for a joke here but I got nothing
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i was gonna do great things but i got lazy years ago

> how many years ago?

how old is FJ?
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Timmy had dreams, too
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I was going to become active, but those dreams died years ago.

How many years ago?

How old is the internet?
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Huh...that just...puts everything into perspective, doesn't it?
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**anonymous rolls 6,690** **** this **** , I'mma roll!
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all i got for fairly oddparents
all i got for fairly oddparents
#26 - jiltist ONLINE (01/16/2013) [-]
Really, that cartoon is very depressing.


Cosmo has no father. His mother has lunacy fringe dependency issues, demonstrated by her constant beratement and sabotage of her son, Cosmo.
Cosmo, as a result, lives a life of self-deprecation and attention gathering, enter his desire for Wanda's company, and his inability to accept Jimmy's mortality.

Wanda is a very successful fairy who cares too much. As a result, she feels that she cannot leave the broken individuals, Cosmo and Jimmy, at her own emotional expense.

Jimmy's father is a smart man whose ambitions came to a sudden halt when his wife accidentally conceived Jimmy. As a result, he constantly strives to regain his youthful visage--hipness and success. He recognizes the success of his neighbors, that they don't have kids, and therefore constantly blames his failure on his child, while also aiming to achieve success in greater measure than his neighbors.

Jimmy's babysitter is a bitch.

Jimmy's friend, not AJ, comes from a poverty stricken family.

Jimmy's friend, AJ, strives to overcome racial inequality in a predominately white world.

Jimmy's crush is a rich bitch, but only because she believes her real self to be a disappointment. (there's a manga/doujin about this)

Indeed, The Fairly Odd Parents is depressing as **** .
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haha not AJ
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"jimmy's babysitter is a bitch"   
i lost my 			****		 there haha
"jimmy's babysitter is a bitch"

i lost my **** there haha
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You'd have way more thumbs if you just wrote Timmy....
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>basing you information off a doujin
Totally legit.
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There's an episode where Timmy is harrassed by a third party who continuously calls him Jimmy.

There's an episode where Jimmy catches the bitch red handed in a comic book store wearing a disguise and purchasing a comic book.

There're many episodes where she displays affection for Jimmy. A great example is when he invites many people to his house for a big party and abuses Cosmo and Wanda to get party effects. Those invited arrive at Jimmy's house to find that it is exactly that, a house. Here it is important to note that only the viewer, Jimmy, and Jimmy's godparents know that Jimmy does not have a mansion, because reasons.

It is also important to note that everybody, when they see that Jimmy's house is indeed just a house--not a mansion--they all leave in disappointment. That is except for one person, Jimmy's crush.

While being chauffeured to Jimmy's, Jimmy's crush was looking out the window at Jimmy's house. Even having known that Jimmy did not own a mansion, she still wanted to celebrate with Jimmy. But, when the crowd disapproves of Jimmy's living establishment, Jimmy's crush feels that she can't but follow suit and leave. And yet she is the only one to say goodbye. She, bless her bitchy heart, sneaks back to give Jimmy a kiss and verbally understate her affection for him.
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And you go back to Jimmy, why? Is it an prolonged joke you've created for yourself or are you seriously spacing out that badly?
#78 to #76 - jiltist ONLINE (01/17/2013) [-]
I dunno. It seemed that after rustling so many jimmies, it would be a shame to stop there.
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Oh, you know.... T and J are very close together on a keyboard.... anyone can make that mistake... 8 times....?
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who is jimmy?
#41 to #36 - jdsalenger (01/17/2013) [-]
You know Jimmy Jurner. The main character of the show. Wears pink hat and shirt. His pants are also his shoes. Has beaver teeth.
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"Jimmy's friend, not AJ"
#28 to #26 - chiopet (01/16/2013) [-]
Jimmy??? JIMMY?!?!
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you captioned a T.V show
You must be so proud.
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Congratulations, you made an overused comment.
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Congratulations, you made an over used reply.
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Congratulations, you made an over used reply.
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thats not the actual line in the show.
User avatar #18 to #13 - psykobear (01/16/2013) [-]
It is.
User avatar #19 to #18 - DeathKnight (01/16/2013) [-]
because this is the future episode that i saw just today and the line is "many years ago", not "how old are you?"
unless nick censored it
in which case **** them.
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You need to login to view this link
Go to about 6:51 in the transcript
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You're ******* retarded.
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Everyone is congratulating each other
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Yes it is.
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