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And that's how I lost my medical license..
And that's how I lost my medical license..
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God damnit I hate these pics/gifs

idiots always think ''MFGUZZ CUPS BE ****** CRAZY'' but obviously something happened that made the cops act like that.

Grow the **** up
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TL;DR ahead

This isn't comparing apples to apples, the US and Germany are completely different climates. Also the 2 cases that this gentleman were using were both extreme examples that he found in economically depressed areas, both rife with severe illicit drug trade and a high propensity for gang activity. I'm not saying that the US aren't nuts(I think we all know that the States have something of a crazy edge) I'm just saying don't compare apples to oranges.

I'd say the average police officer is a good person, and I have a lot of respect for officers of the law. I've lived most of my life in some pretty scummy places where the local mantra was " **** the police" and I've seen the officers exercise a lot of restraint. Yes they're not all necessarily happy-go-lucky people, but most have a lot of patience considering they have to deal with the dregs of society more often than not. In the years that I saw all the drug busts, murder investigations, domestic disputes, and interpersonal violence the police officers who had to show up had pretty cool heads and did their best to pacify the situation.

I'd also just like to say that I understand that there is certainly violence and drugs in Germany. The difference that I don't think there are many industrialized countries that are quite as much of a hotbed for both Illicit Drug Trade and Gang Violence. The only others that I could see coming close would be China or Russia maybe.
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well said
well said
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Anon's face
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Cop abuse gif thread, go
Cop abuse gif thread, go
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I'll play devils advocate here and show why none of these are really abuse. But trust me, I know there is plenty.

Here, you can see right before he gets to her he begins to shuffle. It looks an awful lot like he meant to do something else (stop, grab her, etc). Also, we don't know the context of th situation. She could have stolen something or just tried to get out of a ticket or something and he's trying to catch back up to her. He then proceeds to lose control of his momentum or trip, and accidentally runs into her. If you look at how he reacts when he hits her, he puts his hands up not like someone tackling, but like someone trying to stop themselves when they're about to run into a wall - he reaches directly in front of his own face. He then reaches down immediately in an "I'm so sorry, I hope I can catch her in time" way.
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At the very end he gets up in a "Well, **** " sort of way lol
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Yeah, you can actually see him start stepping over her legs and bending down like he's helping her up right before it cuts.
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It COULD just be him picking her up to cuff her, or something. Like you said, we don't know what's really happening.
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****		, that's the only two I had.
**** , that's the only two I had.
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I was wrong   
I was wrong

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They had to catch him before he tried more assassin's creed **** .
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That's not abuse, that's just ****** awesome.
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Well this is obviously not abuse. He tried to escape... The cop had every right to chase him down and take him down to apprehend him.
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Yeah, but he could've really done some damage to that guys head. Youch, look at the way it bounces off the floor
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thats not a floor...
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Well, I thought it was funny.
Well, I thought it was funny.
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It was related to Cop's, & it was just hilarious.

Somebody should label it 'parkour'
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For this one - what's the context? What is she saying when he pulls her away? If she threatens him or says she has a weapon or anything, he has every right to immediately drop her for the cuffs and a search. Also, what crime did she commit? If you look at the end of the gif, I believe there is another person on the ground right next to where she ends up. Does this mean she tried to escape, which would be a good reason for such aggression, because he needs to assert his dominance and make sure the bitch gets "don't you dare get up from here." I've seen many cases where a really nice cop has just been pushed too far and has to pull out the dick stick. There was one (very drunk) girl at a Steak and Shake my friend and I were at that was bitching everyone out. When the cop got there he spent about 10 minutes reasoning with her, "look ma'am, just calm down and eat your meal and I won't even take you in or write a citation." "BITCH DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO BLAH BLAH" She ends up hitting one of the employees and turns to hit the cop and he just puts her in a headlock "ma'am I'll be taking that as a charge of assault on a civilian and assault on a police officer, you have the right to remain silent anything ..."

Recorded right at the end, you'd just see a cop with a woman in a headlock then pushing her down onto a table to put on cuffs. But that's obviously not what happened.
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Ze healing is not as rewarding as ze hurting
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I live on this street corner :D

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A lot of cops can go overboard, and a lot more are complete dicks.

But their job is to keep the peace, and protect the community. If a bunch of little assholes like the "Occupy" movement. or some other protesters or whatnot start disturbing the peace and fighting back when told to gtfo, then they pretty much invited an ass-kicking.

Know your rights, but know when to just walk away.
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cops arent allowed to hit civilians unless they hit first, like he hit a cameraman, im sure he didnt hit him
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the cameraman hit him with his mind.
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Yeah, just walk away
Yeah, just walk away
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last night, as I drove back to my dorm from Wendy's, I got pulled over by a cop for the first time.

I was polite, and when he got to my door, I already had my proof of registration and license ready for him. he explained what I did wrong, asked me when I had my last ticket, I told him "never," and so he told me to just hold on.

a while later, he comes back, and tells me he's going to let me go because (and I quote) I wasn't being a butthole about anything. we both agreed that I deserved a ticket (58 in a 45, and illegal lane change), but he was a really nice guy and told me that if I don't drive more carefully, it'll get really expensive for me.

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the content is called stereotypical police
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I was just sharing a story, hence the "coolstorybro"
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like being black

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Reminded me of this for some reason.
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******* smart.

Segways go much faster than you can on foot, and it wont wear out the riot team as quickly
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if anyone is annoyed by the new comment rating
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What do you mean? It has always been there.
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Cops aren't legally bound to protect you in any way.
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the oath is to "protect and serve"

so yes, they are.
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an Oath is a legally binding agreement if you have a witness.

So YES, if they Oath to protect and serve THEY ARE LEGALLY BOUND TO DO SO
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Stop being stupid and sheeple.
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You are the ignorant one here.

This disclaims their CONSTITUTIONAL duty because police are just Mall Cops for the States and have no authority.

That does not discredit an OATH which has nothing to do with the constitution.
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Are you seriously that ******* stupid? It absolves them of all legal requirement to intervene in a crime. They can get a call that someone broke into your house and not show up for hours if at all. Their oath isn't even "To protect and serve" that's their motto. There is a large difference. This is their oath
"On my honor,
I will never betray my badge,
my integrity, my character,
or the public trust.
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution
my community and the agency I serve."
Stop arguing about things you know nothing about.
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Look dude, i'm not saying I like the police. What I am saying is that they can still be held accountable for what they do.

The problem in these cases is that they tried to sue the police department as an entity instead of the officers involved directly.

Since the police departments are entities in themselves it absolves them of alot of "responsiblity" that would otherwise fall right on them. The individuals can be sued still, you must sue them as PEOPLE not as the ESTABLISHMENT
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actually, it's illegal for a police officer to witness a crime and not intervene
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I'm always amazed everytime i watch one of those police brutality videos on youtube from US.. crazy
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Its not just in the US. I'm from England and it our police are always on the news getting stick for being "brutal" and heavy handed. Such as during the tottenham riots, the police weren't allowed rubber bullets or water cannons through fear of getting spanked for being "brutal" afterwards. I personally think that the police should have the right to use violence without getting stick for it. But there is a very fine line between acceptable and necessary violence, and that then becoming excessive and brutality.
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I agree police forces should be able to use nessecary force to stop riots and violent people. But ive literally seen fotages of people getting rammed into by a police car and then afterward being kicked while laying on the ground by 5 police people. There's even this one guy who's affected suspected by drunk driving but was actually because driving wierd due to low amount of blood sugar in his body. Still even after he stopped he got kicked and smashed while police officers commented "you're done ************ " and afterwards laughing about it.

TL;DR police force is fine. But some police officers are just complete assholes and get away with it. And that's what i think is police brutality.
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Well said anon.
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