Magnets. How to explain magnets to hill billies and Mormons everywhere. HOW DO MAGNETS inl, WELL That sub. - that. pieces of gravity... pieces of gravity... pieces of gravity... repost
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pieces of gravity...   
pieces of gravity...   
pieces of gravity...
pieces of gravity...

pieces of gravity...

pieces of gravity...
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Your comment made me laugh harder than the pic. Perfection.
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Your comment, combined with that gif, and the idiocy of the picture OP posted is making me die from laughter... Thank you sir
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I know who wrote that.....
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It's true! Read the bible
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I think it's the same with sleep, i mean they know you grow in your sleep and recover wounds, but they have no idea why you hallucinate and die if you don't get sleep
at least that's what i heard, don't know if legit
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No one knows how gravity, magnetism, electric forces, atomic forces, etc work. We don't KNOW how anything works. We just have a guess based on observation. Still, it's a good guess, for everything that has been invented based on those guesses works like clockwork.
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Holy **** you're stupid
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I giggled
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Magnets are made from iron, cobalt, or nickel (magnetite). A permanent magnet creates it's own magnetic field. A temporary magnet is made when something, which contains one of the minerals stated in the beginning, is stroked by a magnet in the same direction, which aligns the electrons inside to all point one direction. This can be canceled over time, or by putting it over something that generates enough heat, such as a fire. Now I'd like to know. Where did you get that idea?
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yes they ******* do you ******* retard. they work work because all the electrons in the magnet are positioned in the same order instead of just scrambled . Take a screwdriver and run a magnet along it ten times, always in the same way... tada! you just created a ******* MAGNET SCREWDRIVER! how do magnets work? this is how ************* magnets ******* work. YOU're the reason why people think the youth has gotten dumber you dumb **** go bakc to kindergarten.
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ahh nothing makes my day like watching someone drop some knowledge and flip **** at the same time.
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Indeed, you are correct, vectors of magnetization need to be organized using another magnetic field, but this cannot be done with any material. Also you can make a magnet using current and a coil.

He is just expressing himself poorly, based on what he saw on tv probably. What he mean is we do not know the nature of these fields, what is a field anyway? At the beginning of the very first lecture I listened to at my college (I study electrical engineering), regarding electrostatic fields, the professor said something like this:
"What is a field anyway? We don't know there are many theories, we will not bother with them, since we are not physicists, guys at cern are researching that now."
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*sigh*. Pretty much what this guy said. Nobody knows how the fields work, but we can only see the effects.
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Repost: but still funny
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