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#18 - anon
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(01/15/2013) [-]
It is possible that Superman is STRONGER than Goku, however, Goku far exceeds Superman in every other ability.
Goku is faster, able to cause greater devastation (he could blow up a planet with a fraction of his power, something superman can not do.), can move faster than the speed of light. Goku can also transcend to SSJ4. Goku could just wish that Superman had no powers after collecting all 7 dragon balls with Bulma's Dragon Radar in about 2 minutes flat with his faster-than-light-speed.
Superman gets all his power from our yellow sun. Back on krypton he would be just as weak as a normal human... Or in any other galaxy that does not have a yellow sun. Kryptonite steals all his power, Goku has no such weaknesses. No Dragon Balls to collect, so Superman is a pussy.
Goku wins hands down. His power level is off the scale, any scouter would explode just from reading his true power level. Superman would have to actually CRUSH the scouter to prove his strength.