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Blah blah blah, like I said the last time this made frontpage: This annual poll is just a way to make people feel better about themselves. You're really not free, even if you're the richest ************ in the world. If you're **** poor, you're nothing, as you can't survive properly in most parts of the world without some degree of wealth. If you're rich, you're everything, yet everything you are resides in the stability of currency. When that money loses its worth, what are you? The internet we use requires money. The food we eat requires money. The water we drink requires money. The transportation we use requires money. The medical services we receive requires money. The education you receive requires money.

In history, their types of systems were at least more practical. Bartering. Coins made from precious, to dull metals. But the system we use today has no practicality. If the earth finally lost our currency type's implied values, there would be nothing. Everything would shut down.

Are you still free?

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