Death Star petition reply!. So the Government doesn't think constructing a Death Star would be an appropriate step.... This Isn' t the Petition Youve Looking Fo Death Star Government fuck us again
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Death Star petition reply!

So the Government doesn't think constructing a Death Star would be an appropriate step...

This Isn' t the Petition Youve Looking For
The Administration shares your desire far jab creation and a strong national defense, but a Death
Star isn' t an the horizon. Here are a few reasons:
The canstruction ofthe Death Star has been estimated ta cast mare than
000, 000, 000, 000, 000. We' re working hard ta reduce the deficit, not expand it.
The Administration dam nonsupport blowing up planets.
Why would we spend (: an a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that
can be exploited by a enemman starship?
However, laag carefully (h ere' s how) and yo tfal nativ m mething already floating in the sky - that' s
no Moon, " a Space Stationer's, we already have a giant, fastball international Space
Station in orbit around the Earth that' s helping as learn haw humans can We and thrive in space far
long Eurasia . The Spa m Station has six astronauts - American, Russian, and Canadian - living in
it right now, conducting research, learning haw ta We and work in space ayer long periods amtime,
atin my welco ming visiting spacecraft and repairing inboard garbage mash ers, etc. Wehre aim gat
twa rabat science lilys- me wielding a laser- roving around Mars, making at whether life ever
existed an the Red Planet.
Keep in mind, space is no longer just . Private American companies, through
s Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office (), are ferrying cargo - and man, crew -
ta space far NASA, and are pursuing human the Mann this decade.
Even thaugh the United States diesn‘ t have anything that can the Kessel Run in less than 12
parsecs, wehre gat two spacecraft learing the Solar System and we' re building a probe that will fly
ta the exterior layers of the Sun. We are dishonouring hundreds of new planets in ath er star systems
and building a mu ch mare powerful elessar ta the Hubble Spa m Telescope that will see back ta
the early days ofthe universe.
We dan‘ t have a Death Star, but we have floating m bat assistants an the Spa m Station, a
President wha gnaws his way around a light saber and advanced (marshmallow) canaan, and the
Defense Research Projects Agency, which research an building Luke' s
arm, floating maids, and quadruped walkers.
We are living in the future! Enjoy it. Dr better yet, help build it by pursuing a career in a science,
technolo , engineering matriculated field. The President has held the firstloser he Muse
science fairs and Astronomy Nig ht an the Sc uth Lawn because he gnaws these domains are critical
ta aur country’ s future, and ta ensuring the United States continues leading the world in daing big
thin gs.
If you pursue a career in a science, technolagy, engineering matriculated field, the Farm will
be with us! Remember, the Death Star' s power ta destrey a planet, men a whale star system, is
insignificant next ta the power of the Fa rm.
Paul is Science and Space Branch at the While House Office cf
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#6 - mojotion (01/12/2013) [+] (1 reply)
What if our moon is already a really well disguised death star?
#5 - papastalin (01/12/2013) [-]
Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office = C3PO

I see what you did there.
#1 - octaviamanoctavia (01/12/2013) [-]
The United States already has a Death Star. They just don't want the Russians to know about it.
The United States already has a Death Star. They just don't want the Russians to know about it.
User avatar #8 - Mahazama (01/13/2013) [-]
I actually think that it's awesome that this guy had the humor to make a reply.
User avatar #9 - cnlsanders (01/13/2013) [+] (2 replies)
canada has astronauts? wait, canada has a space program?
#12 - millenia (01/13/2013) [-]
Don't forget the secret nazi base on the moon
#2 - thechosenwon (01/12/2013) [-]
See you on the Front Page.
See you on the Front Page.
#11 - BigDoktor (01/13/2013) [-]
This is ******** . Under Reagan we would have a Death Star.

I miss voting for that man.
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