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#404 - kingpongthedon
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(01/13/2013) [-]
Normally, I don't argue about gun control, but tonight is a very special night. About an hour ago, I listened to a shootout maybe 2 blocks away from my house, go on for 5 minutes. I can guarantee somebody is dead as a result. Now that sucks for them, but knowing the area, they probably brought it on themselves. I can hardly feel sorry for them.

But I still have very personal issues with guns over knives:

With a hand-to-hand weapon, if you miss, you hit nothing. With a gun, that bullet goes until it hits something. About a year ago, one of those somethings happened to be the 8 year old in my neighborhood. He was inside at the time and believed to be safe. He had absolutely nothing to do with the situation but was still the only one hurt.

People go somewhere else to avoid the consequences and sometimes that's my property. Now I have a fully-stocked kitchen, an American bulldog, and 3 other fairly large people living here. If they come with a knife, we can overwhelm him, and he's ****** to no end. But with a gun, we can't.

About 5 years ago, I used to have another dog. One night, somebody was running through my backyard (from another shooting several hours earlier) and my dog happened to be out at that time. My dog attacked the trespasser and he ran away. However, to get away, he shot my dog in the chest with a .45 slug. Luckily, he missed the heart, lungs and every other organ and my dog lived, though with a bullet an inch from his spine. Had he not had a gun, he would have been the one fearing for his life and not me and my dog.

My problem with guns isn't that they kill people. There will always be ****** up people killing each other somehow. My problem is that the radius of danger is much higher than with anything else and innocent people get hurt. I don't give two ***** if people want to kill each other, but as soon as a gun is pulled, everyone within range is in danger, even if they have nothing to do with it.