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(01/12/2013) [-]
>walking through walmart at like 9 at night buying food and ****
>see 2 groups of kids near the registers
>one group of douchebags obviously trying to act alpha and **** to a group of nerdy kids
>stick around to see a fight
>they start to get a little violent
>manager comes and breaks it up
>the main kid of the douchebags sais something like "wel see ya in the parking lot bro"
>the nerdy kids look scared ******** and the douches leave
>one of the nerdy kids sais that he has an idea and they all run towards the back of the store
>i get in line for one of the registers to pay for my ****
>start heading to the parking lot thinking maybe they went out the back or something
>walking through the lot i could see the group of douches waiting by their cars
>i continue walking to my car when i hear yelling
>i turn around and I **** YOU NOT....
>the group of nerdy kids were running towards the douchebags, each with one of those light-up lightsaber toys from the toy isle, running at the douches, yelling at the top of their lungs
>the douches had no idea how to react
>they all got in their cars and drove off
>most heroic thing i've ever seen