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my point exactly
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"in that case its you or the world, so your just being selfish"
exactly how is that your point exactly? i pointed out the error of the wrong use of your when it should have been you're in your sentence; which i have taken the liberty of quoting since you found it required to delete it.
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im saying everyone in the world is ******* stupid and you pointing my gramatical error makes me look stupid, i was saying he was being selfish because its either him calming down or the entire world getting smarter. oh and i deleted my comment because of the red thumbs but at least the people who did vote me down didnt go to the effort of being an absolute cunt like you
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pointing out gramatical errors are suppose to better the person making those mistakes. and i fail to see how im a cunt because i did so. and why are you afraid of red thumbs?
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