Choose one. . En: " SIREN urban LEE Inou ONE WORLD TO LIVE Ill!. i choose bleach.
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#28 - poorjew (01/10/2013) [-]
i choose bleach.
#16 - powerlevel (01/10/2013) [-]
One Piece.

This show means more to be than I could ever put into words.
User avatar #10 - mankey (01/10/2013) [-]
1. Go to Dragonball Z World
2. Make a wish on the Dragonballs to be able to travel between worlds.
3. ???
4. Profit.
User avatar #95 - aggresivepineapple (01/11/2013) [-]
Well lets see! I'll go through them all to see where I'd like to live.

Avatar: As cool as it would be to live in a world where human beings can manipulate the elements around us, im a regular ******* guy. I'd be bored as **** ! I'd be a farmer or something, maybe i'd sell cabbages all day.
Bleach: Heard of it, never watched it. **** tells me they have large breasts.
Minecraft: **** no, I'd hate to live in a world watching my back day-by-day for zombies, skeletons with ******* bows, giant spiders, exploding penises, and a ******* dragon.
LoL: I've actually never played LoL.... so that's a no. Sorry guys.
Metroid: Aliens and a future where I don't even do **** ? No. I don't know what regular ******* such as myself would do.
Resident Evil: HELL NO! I'd get ****** up instantly. All these horrors left and right, I'd go hide in a dumpster like that dumb bitch you have to protect.
Death Note: I'm such an asshole I'd die first.
Digimon: It'd be cool but the economic side of the world isn't too good.
Silent Hill: Not sure what this is either. Sorry, no.
Halo: As cool as the series is, I have to say no. Aliens ******* level an entire planet leaving 6 survivors, and nearly wiped out an entire species. I'd be dead.
Dr. Who: I already live here so....yeah.
DBz: I'm a regular guy. How would I contribute at all to this **** ?
Final Fantasy: Nope.
Devil May Cry: Never really looked into this so my answer is no.
Gundam: Again, no idea what the **** this is. No.
Harry Potter: I'm a muggle. No.
The Sims: Why the **** would I want to live in a world where you die if you can't piss?
Mario: Flying turtles and shells that kill you? No thanks.
Half-Life: A post apocalyptic world doesn't really fancy me.
Naruto: I'm not trained at all. I wouldn't contribute to their cause and just end up getting my ass brutally ****** .
Mortal Kombat: These ************* are bad ass. I'd die fast as hell!
User avatar #97 to #95 - aggresivepineapple (01/11/2013) [-]
One Piece: Not too sure what exactly this is so my answer is no… again.
Pokemon: As a regular guy, I can ******* go to a store, buy a ******* ball for $2.00, and go out into the wild and catch a ******* wild animal to be my personal battle slave for the rest of it's life? That's a yes. Yes you ************* .
Power Rangers: **** goes down a lot here. Pretty sure the world would get ****** up…
Elder Scrolls: Dragons. I don't like dragons. Been scared of them since I was a kid cause of my dickhead neighbour who broke it into me.
Sonic: I'm a human. No, Dr. ******* would probably be my lonely companion and then a hedgehog and a fox would come and **** our **** .
Star Trek: I'd be the next one to be left on a planet to get ****** 40 years later. No thanks.
Star Wars: As a regular guy, it would be really cool you know? I could be trained to learn to use the force, **** **** up, have a blaster, **** more **** up, and then get my **** ****** by some aliens with the same intension.
Narnia: Nope.
Touhou: No idea what the **** this is, so no.
TMNT: ******* giant rat and turtles that know kung-fu? No thanks.
FMA: This requires too much of a devotion to learn everything that would make you successful as an alchemist. You'd dedicate your life to learning so you can do these things that make you. But war is always around and danger is never ending. I'd end up just another martyr.
Yu-Gi-Oh: Nope, can't style my hair good enough.
Vampire Knight: Never heard of it, so no.
User avatar #98 to #97 - aggresivepineapple (01/11/2013) [-]
LotR: This is a tough call… so here goes. I wouldn't want to live in the LotR world because for hundreds of years you're living peacefully doing your merry ass thing then all of a sudden your getting ********** by ******* monsters that just burn everything and kill for something to do. Next thing you know theres a ******* war that just ***** everything and ghosts just come and save the day by beating your asses. It's cool, but only the important people live. I'd be dead very fast seeing as I'm just your regular guy.
LoZ: **** only goes down every few thousand years. And when it does, you wonder why the **** link can't kill this son of a bitch, he straight ***** you until he gets his **** together.
Soul Eater: Not sure what this is so no, sorry again!
MLP: I'm not even going to go into why my answer is no.
Spyro: Dragons... no.
Transformers: Have you SEEN what those ******* did to Chicago? HELL NAH.
Gurren Lagann: What the **** ? No? What is this?
Kingdom Hearts: No because what do you do when the acid wears off?

All in all, pokemon was my choice because it seems safest, most in control, and a regular guy can become who he wants through hard word and fun.
#9 - bigfriendlyginger (01/10/2013) [-]
No question.
#211 - thegayman (01/11/2013) [-]
>Silent Hill
>Resident Evil
>Half Life
>The Sims
User avatar #35 - fatfeather (01/10/2013) [-]
Choose Star Wars
Become a slave on Tatooine
#185 - mastaeddo (01/11/2013) [-]
yea... imagine living in a world like this...
User avatar #175 - swazer (01/11/2013) [-]
Pokemon, no doubt about it
#108 - dibles (01/11/2013) [-]
katawa shoujo
#103 - FJisGAY (01/11/2013) [-]
One piece allllll the way
One piece allllll the way
#83 - waffies (01/11/2013) [-]
One Piece. Without a second doubt, One piece. A world where superpowers can be gained if you're lucky enough to get ahold of one of the fruits, and in which willpower can correlate to strength, beyond any rational human limit?   
Hell, even if i wasn't anything special i'd be honored to live in the same world as Luffy
One Piece. Without a second doubt, One piece. A world where superpowers can be gained if you're lucky enough to get ahold of one of the fruits, and in which willpower can correlate to strength, beyond any rational human limit?

Hell, even if i wasn't anything special i'd be honored to live in the same world as Luffy
User avatar #67 - rodneyphoenix (01/11/2013) [-]
Kingdom hearts. Disney will buy up the licensing to all those others, ( **** you no one ever saw it happening with Marvel and Star Wars till it happened) and those worlds will become visit-able by me.
User avatar #68 to #67 - rodneyphoenix (01/11/2013) [-]
That or FMA because I've always liked it.
#49 - whysodamnserious **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #51 to #49 - nousernamesleft (01/10/2013) [-]
I think it's fantasy...
User avatar #17 - eziodt (01/10/2013) [-]
The Sims isn't really different than the world we live in
User avatar #8 - ponduh (01/10/2013) [-]
I don't know what y'all are talking about. All of those are scarey as **** except pokemon... I would pick pokemon.
User avatar #47 to #8 - daniboi (01/10/2013) [-]
Implying the MLP world is scary as **** . Personally I'd pick Pokemon/MLP.
#121 - kiratheunholy ONLINE (01/11/2013) [-]
Where the **** is fallout?
<- Pic related, my avatar.
#96 - kattbajs (01/11/2013) [-]
#188 - tireyhawnuyu (01/11/2013) [-]
MLP:FiM and here's why: peaceful, relaxing, fun. Not the ******** I deal with here.
#194 to #188 - caseris (01/11/2013) [-]
yeah right. Equestria is under constant attack. There was a changeling invasion, a lord of chaos was at full control for a few days. you will live next to a forest home to thousands of dangerous creatures and the only ones that are enabled to defend you are six ponies with powers they only used three times. the royal guard which seems to only be in canterlot most of the time. The wonderbolts who get taken down by a dragon and two gods who are the only ones that can change day and night. It's a ******* mystery how anybody survived that long!

though being POSSIBLY enabled to fly seems fun...
User avatar #196 to #194 - tireyhawnuyu (01/11/2013) [-]
Cute lovable ponies, friendship, a seemingly stable and fair government and economy. Plus... ************ wings and magic man. Plus if Celestia was so enclined, I'ms ure she could come up with a spell to transform humans to ponies...and by Celestia I mean Luna and Twilight while Celestia sits there looking beautiful
User avatar #200 to #196 - caseris (01/11/2013) [-]
the reason i called out Celestia and Luna is showing how unSTABLE this world is. take one or two out, and the ecosytem ius ****** .

govermental seems to not be a democracy, though we don't know if a voting sytem excists.

economy is still of capitalist base and we have seen that ponies want to make profit, not be nice to each other.

ponies seems to indeed be dummed down in aggresion, but that is probably since it's a kid's show. the ponies actually seem in how they act, more human... in other words, they still got the same flaws.

the last thing, friendship, or social contact is discussable. We don't know how they will react to us in such friendly or accepting manners. it is also probable that getting known with them will be hard and going further than that seems unpractical. Never being enabled to start a family or have any kids seems like a big deal.

And, at last, being an omnivore, eating meat can be seen as...hostile...
User avatar #148 - Kalder (01/11/2013) [-]
Ill go with MLP
part for the fact of being a fan and part for the fact of not knowing what I would become in the other universes. I mean, would I get the opportunity to be a great hero or will I simply be a lowly citizen living in that world. If I went to LoZ, would I become Link? Would I become a Spartan in Halo or just a marine.

With the Pony universe I would become a pony, thats it, live life in a land where you do what you are talented at and make friends. No it is not the most "exciting" universe but it would overall be the most enjoyable
User avatar #154 to #148 - danjoyas (01/11/2013) [-]
You could not be any more correct.
User avatar #157 to #148 - spamakaze (01/11/2013) [-]
"Pokemon!" says I!

"Bidoof!" comes the reply

So yeah, I agree with you
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