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User avatar #1034 - smileyfaceman (01/11/2013) [-]
I can't hear you over all the moons we've landed on.
User avatar #1135 to #1034 - jordoguy (01/11/2013) [-]
Do you Americans think people care about that?
User avatar #1126 to #1034 - badgerbaiting (01/11/2013) [-]
You really owe those Nazi defectors a lot. Without them, no moon landing.
User avatar #1127 to #1076 - neoexdeath ONLINE (01/11/2013) [-]
Assuming only a handful of people made the Moon Landing happen.

Steel workers made the metal that went into it, scientists (Some Nazi, some not) worked hard on the science behind the rockets, chemists mixed up the fuel, members of the Military flew the thing, Biologists and Doctors helped train the astronauts.

Just about everything of that magnitude any country does requires the support of most, if not all of it. And I don't mean "Hey, this **** is awesome" I mean support in that people bust their ASSES getting this **** done.
User avatar #1085 to #1076 - Mahazama (01/11/2013) [-]
Pretty sure this is every country ever..
#1060 to #1034 - Tapacx (01/11/2013) [-]
Oh, is that what it was? I thought it was all the gunfire and bombs your country's making.
User avatar #1094 to #1060 - swifterly (01/11/2013) [-]
I don't know I can't hear anything over everyone driving plans into buildings, driving bomb trucks into populated areas, and raping and beheading women and children.
#1045 to #1034 - docillamanilla (01/11/2013) [-]
this actually made me lol
#1038 to #1034 - anon (01/11/2013) [-]
retard... there's only one moon.. (in our solar system)
#1101 to #1038 - anon (01/11/2013) [-]
This is the best comment ever.

You show 'em, anon.
User avatar #1113 to #1101 - ninjaspartan (01/11/2013) [-]
Samefag? Samefag.
User avatar #1041 to #1038 - omegacobalion (01/11/2013) [-]
Yeah except for the fact there are moons surrounding most of the planets in our solar system.
#1040 to #1038 - anon (01/11/2013) [-]
NO! There are several moons in our solar system stupid. However humans have only walked one of them.
#1039 to #1038 - rosak **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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