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Baryonic matter makes up less than 20% of the universe
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This was the "joke of the day" during announcements in my school this morning. Most of them are ****** knock-knock jokes but this one cracked me up, it caught me off guard pretty well. I know, cool story.
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reminds me of this

creds to "I ******* love science" on FB
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Jokes on you I'm laying on my ******* bed
science - 0
anon - 1
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**bigmitchninetyfive rolled a random image posted in comment #331 at science is awesome ** what else is not here
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Nice roll
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OP's face when posting this
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So my girlfriends penis is mostly not there! Thanks op that helped a lot
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I literally just learned this in science today
I literally just learned this in science today
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I have a feel Gabe has gotten a few ideas from that gif.
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...I thought that was a cupcake.
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the orbital for the electron around a hydrogen atom is comparable to the average football stadium. picture in the very center of the field a grain of rice as the nucleus and on the very edge of the outer wall a second grain of rice that is the electron orbiting the nucleus. and as orbitals increase in number i.e. orbital 1 orbital 2 orbital 3 they increase in distance from the nucleus exponentially so orbital 2 is over twice as far away as orbital 1 from the nucleus and orbital 3 is over twice that distance.
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Thank you for teaching me something I can use for my Chem final friday. This is the closest I've come to studying so far.
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lol np although i learned that in physics hahaha
we could also go in to wave particle duality and say that electrons behave as both particles and waves and by looking at the amount of energy in an electron you can tell which orbital it will be on because the wave function must line up i'll draw a pic
<<< the drawing is crude but gets the point (enlarge)
that wave function represents the partical and you can see that a higher energy electron (on the right) could not exist on orbital 1 because it's wave function will not line up. i could keep going on and on
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You should go on and on about acids and bases
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I don't know about bases, but I know some about acids.

ALL Acids have Hydrogen (H) at the beginning.
Naming goes as follows:

If it's Hydrogen and one other element, it's
Hydro+element root+ic Acid
EX: HCl (Hydrogen and Chlorine):
Hydrochloric Acid

If it's Hydrogen and a polyatomic compound that ends in "-ate", it's
Polyatomic root+ic Acid
Ex: H2SO4 (2 Hydrogens and Sulfate (SO4))
Sulfuric Acid

If it's Hydrogen and a polyatomic compund that ends in "-ite", it's
Polyatomic root+ous acid
EX: HNO2 (Hydrogen and Nitrite (NO2))
Nitrous Acid
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Thank you!
Thank you!
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sorry i'm an electrical engineer not a chemist =/
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At least you've taught me something
At least you've taught me something

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i guess i could tell you that acids have low ph and bases have high ph lol
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So 1 = very acidic and 14 = very basic?
So 1 = very acidic and 14 = very basic?
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yes and acidity is measured by the amount of active hydrogen ions and innactive hydroxide ions and alkaline (base) is measured by the amount of active hydroxide ions and inactive hydrogen ions

so, lots of hydrogen ions = acidic
lots of hydroxide ions = basic
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Well, here is another example of the common man misunderstanding physics and science in general. This is like saying that a house is mostly not there because the house has more square footage of space that isn't walls, roof, and floor. Atoms may consist of 99.999% empty space but then again they are measured in angstroms which means that 99.999% empty space is pretty much nothing. If you fill a select point of space with googles of atoms that .001% is going to mean something in that point of space.

This is also totally ignoring any kind of properties besides the physical properties of the atom. All of the forces are being ignored here.
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I took the time to do match and thumb you up.
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you must be so much fun at parties
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the entire human race could fit comfortably in a ping pong ball if one removed the space between the electrons and nuclei
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but...but...the ball would get smaller too...
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So, wait. Does that mean that my waifu is as real as I am?
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This image has expired
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Great now I feel like a waste of space...
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**chralievillanueva rolled a random image posted in comment #43 at Awesome Stairs ** you just blew my mind
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going up them drunk could make them regular stairs
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The stairs aren't tilted, they're just triangles. The picture if facing the floor.
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Still dangerous as **** , drunk or not !
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dude what if our entire universe is a some beings brain cell and when the being gets ********* drunk entire universes die?
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"This is a reality! I am everywhere and nowhere! I am nothing and everything!" -Kyle Broflovski
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**GumiiZ rolled a random image posted in comment #15 at A PUPPET MADE FROM BITS OF FS **
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Also, we never actually touch anything. The electrons in our skin repel the electrons in other things and all we are feeling is the electrons repelling each other.
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So if i press my fingers against a tabletop for 40 years they will be shorter?
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There's actually a theory that if you were to keep your hand pressed on said table for trillions of years it would eventually phase through.
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So many *************** posts that are learned from 10th grade science classes! It isn't that amazing, it's just repulsion. What's really cool is that, technically, we have a chance to just fall through something, a really small chance, but still.
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no chance because the bonds between atoms are whats ceeping everything together
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Quantum physics, technically possible
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really? enlighten me
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The big concept in quantum physics is describing things as probabilities. As far as we can tell (which is pretty damn far), this is the way things really work. For any given quantum event there is a finite and non-zero probability of it occurring. This can scale up somewhat.

Take electric repulsion--it is due to the transfer of photons between particles, which has a certain chance of happening. Now imagine that--through an amazing stroke of chance--all of the particles in you and your chair happen to not be exchanging photons for a few moments. With no bonds holding things together, you would desintigtate into a puddle of loose particles.

Of course the odds of such a thing are ridiculously, astronomically, mind-blowingly, incomprehensiblely small. But there is still a chance.
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Like I even understand it. Basically just about anything is possible thanks to quantum physics. In the universe we live in, your car might melt, ooze out of your garage, and then re-materialize outside over night. It just probably won't.
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physics. Because **** LOGIC!
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Quantum physics, the point where science starts to actually diverge from logic, the very basic principal that science is founded on.
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like i said. **** logic
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