The Best Show. Shopped out about 40 other replies for the sake of image size. I think I won. People erorrs._ -Weed you to comment your FAVORITE TV SHOW AND 2 RE winning facebook catdog black people
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The Best Show

Shopped out about 40 other replies for the sake of image size.
I think I won

People erorrs._ -Weed you to comment your FAVORITE TV
SHOW AND 2 REASONS WHY!! It' s for the school yearbook " you have
your chance to be in it "
Like Comment chours mobile 1: 53.
wiw like this,
he Walking Dead, It keeps your on your toes you
just never know what' s going to happen next! I bare it
ob and big! It keeps you laughing and teaches that
you can do anything
5 hours ago aria mobile . Like . , q
So You Think You Can Dance. The dancing' s
incredible and you never know what dance they' ll be doing Ce.)
5 hours ago aria mobile . Like . , 1
Switched at birth because it shows how EVERYONE
should be treated with equality and its unpredictable Ce.)
5 hours ago aria mobile . Like . , 1
6 and pregnant, because it reminds me
not to be stupiid,
Duck Dynasty because it keeps me happy, happy,
appy Ce.) and I gyve !
we because it has a great story line, it' s full of
suspense, action, and has an awesome cast. It' s really funny too Ce.)
5 hours ago aria mobile . Like . , 1
american horror story because it' s
unpredictable and always keeps you on the edge of your seat.
5 hours ago aria mobile . Like . , 1
American Horror Story, cause my cousin was a
priest in it, and Evan peters is a hottie:)
5 hours ago aria mobile . Like . , 1
Pretty little liars because I cant get enough of all the
mystery' s, secrets, and drama. It' s so addicting:)
q hours ago . Edited . Like . , 1
GREMI. Because it changes how you view
fairytales. is filmed in Portland and is just really suspenseful. I gyve
Ncis its awesome and dinozzo is hot
q hours ago aria mobile . Like . , 1
whithout a doubt, the animated show Catdog. A
masterpiece of Cristal entertainment that provides a classic metaphor
for the internal of a creature who doesn' t know what it truly is,
trying to come to terms with itself. It investigated such interesting
existential philosophies under the guise of a simple children' s show,
something modern day cartoons have rarely achieved, The struggle for
t Catdog to fit in with the rest of society is a heartwrenching and deeply
emotional tale, and the nostalgia factor is incredible. This show was a
part of my childhood, Each episode had an underlying message about
just being who you are, accepting your ( and not letting it get you
down, Catdog didn' t always succeed in the end, Some episodes they
downright failed. Some episodes they were beaten, sent to jail, cheated
out of everything they owned. But there was always that powerful bond
of friendship between them, No matter what happened, the two sides of
this tortured creature always had the other, As a child, that message of
unbreakable friendship had a deep impact on my development, Whithout
Catdog, who would I be today? who would any of us be today? There' s
no way to be sure, But the world would be a darker, less enjoyable
place. Truly, thank whatever God you believe in for Catdog.
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#2 - aaiiggg (01/09/2013) [+] (3 replies)
any good reply's or reactions to your post op
#5 to #3 - anomolous (01/09/2013) [-]
It's like they wish popularity mended their feelings of brokenness and stupidity. They are catdogs chopped in half.

I hope your post gets added to the yearbook. It'd be a shame if it didn't.
#1 - JMF Comment deleted by justforonepost [-]
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