thank you omegle :). i was trying omegle for fun, got pretty tired of all the horny boys, hence the first line XD, but this dude happened, and i thought it was  omegle
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thank you omegle :)

i was trying omegle for fun, got pretty tired of all the horny boys, hence the first line XD, but this dude happened, and i thought it was really cool, so i just wanted to share it
i thought it was decent enough for a first post (and possibly last since im really bad at being witty or clever on demand XD)

Tags: omegle
allt?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
You: please tell me you aren' t horny?
Stranger: Ask a male stripper (and escort)
Stranger: I' rnn .
Stranger: not''
You: oh goodgood
You: but you' re a male stripper?
Stranger: That' s right. And a male escort.
You: is the pay good?
Stranger: It pays very well.
You: but you would have to be pretty good looking i
Stranger: I' m in how I look. People tell me I
look good.
You: its a job where there is high focus on the looks
Stranger: Yes.
You: how about the hours? is that something you
decide for yourself?
Stranger: Kind of. I strip three nights a week, but those
nights vary.
Stranger: The hours are a little rough.
Stranger: Escorting, the hours vary.
You: sorry forthe word choice, but do you have like, a
pimp, or something to get you customers, or is that
something you do on your own?
Stranger: Lol...
Stranger: I don' t have a pimp.
Stranger: I work for an escort agency.
You: , and can you choose your own customers?
Stranger: The agency accepts or denies clients based
You: , so you arent really in control of what
customers you get, besides your dor' dont list?
Stranger: The agency is reliable. They' d never hire me
out to someone they hadn' t screened.
Stranger: Nor would they hire me out to someone who
wanted what I don' t do.
You: cool :) is it the same agency that arranges your
Stranger: No.
You: is it private stripping or like a club?
Stranger: But the owners of the club I strip at also own
the ageing
Stranger: So yes
You: so you strip ata club, do you do private stripping?
Stranger: I strip ata club. I don' t do outfalls very often.
Stranger: But, ifa client wants me to strip when I
escort, I' ll do it.
You: cool, so why did you decide to go into this kind
of buisness?
Stranger: What kind of business is it?
You: the stripping and escort business
Stranger: The money.
You: just the money?
Stranger: That' s probably the main reason, yeah.
You: and how do people react to you, when/ if you
tell them you are a male stripper and escort
Stranger: I don' t tell a lot of people because they
wouldn' t react well.
You: yes i can imagine, but what about the people you
do tell? do your parents know? sorry if thats too
personal dont answer .s
Stranger: My parents don' t know. It' s none of their
You: well, i dont think i have any other questions, but it
was really interesting, so thanks for giving me this
opportunity to get a look into another kind of life :)
You have disconnected.
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+1/2 thumb for interesting username
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-1/2 for punctuation faces in the title and description, and an overly wordy description

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#2 - anonymous (01/07/2013) [-]
i think you counetd wrong
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