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#126 - infamoustrapper
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(01/07/2013) [-]
Question: How do action stars become famous if they don't do their own stunts. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Like why would someone hire someone if they can't do any of the real things except look tough. Idk i just have always thought it was stupid...like when singers who can't sing for **** live get singing contracts and people just autotune the **** out of their voice. why not get someone thats good at singing/doing stunts and save yourself the trouble? plus it would be more enjoyable to watch/listen to. at least i would think so
#137 to #126 - kilgara **User deleted account**
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#139 to #137 - infamoustrapper
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(01/07/2013) [-]
Ah yeah i guess that's true. because i was just thinking that the other day when i was watching expendables 2 and i realized...wow...none of these guys are doing ****. i mean like shooting guns isnt even a stunt! idk what im even talking about anymore im kindve off topic but for some reason this is angering me and i dont know why which makes me angrier!
#142 to #139 - kilgara **User deleted account**
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