A Bite. Another good piece of creepypasta I found on /x/, enjoy. WE KNOW (text): /channel/morbid-channel/We+Know+Text/DfzkGQs/. My mother claimed something bit  A Bite Another good piece of creepypasta I found on /x/ enjoy WE KNOW (text): /channel/morbid-channel/We+Know+Text/DfzkGQs/ My mother claimed something bit
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A Bite

A Bite. Another good piece of creepypasta I found on /x/, enjoy. WE KNOW (text): /channel/morbid-channel/We+Know+Text/DfzkGQs/. My mother claimed something bit

Another good piece of creepypasta I found on /x/, enjoy.

WE KNOW (text): /channel/morbid-channel/We+Know+Text/DfzkGQs/

My mother claimed something bit her a week age.
She complained breathing and she said that she couldnt feel her left side hem the midsection down; that it was numbed. As evidence, she showed
us her left thigh. Sure enough, there was a red inflamed patch offish. It Geeked like the aftermath of a mosquito bite, except obviously several times larger. We
thaught that a spider must have got her while she slept, but since nearly a week had already passed and we weren' t exactly rich, we decided against her seeing
a doctor. We couldnt afford paying a medical bill fer something that would probably clear up in a few days. And we were sure it would clear up, it was only a
little bug bite after all-..
It was our mistake.
I so itchy might [' ' Yeat) 00: 39 Hide E E
e its, cheese, )
When we woke up today, mather was crying. She said that the numbed sensation of her side had indeed gone, but it had only been replaced by a burning agoish. Her breath
hitched and was obviously labored. We inspected her thigh and were startled to find that the large mos quite bite mark had erupted ac ress her side. A single mark had turned into
several sickly inflamed mounds that peeled and erupted pus. She claimed it burned. We certainly believed her.
it was time to consult a doctor.
D so itchy might [( () 00: 40 Hymn E
its seamen, prty, jpg)
My father told us he would drive her to the nearest neighborhood clinic. For my part, I departed fer my day' s summer session classes. My mather' s frightening condition danced
somewhere in the back my mind fer the rest of the day, buil didn' t dwell en it. Summer classes were coming an end, final exams were a few days away, firends were
planning a trip the beach, and a small pain in my breaths kept nagging me. I hoped I wasn' t developing a timid.
I was driving back heme when I got the call.
Cl so itchy might 1. () Heel! E
42 its, 640x480, prty, jpg)
It was my father- He was in hysterics- Apparently, the doctor at the clinic had taken we look at my mather' s condition and urged her to head to an emergency reem. So my
father and mather had gone, and waited, and waited, and waited a little mere. Finally, my mather was allowed see a doctor. That' s where it all went downhill. He took one leek
at her and as the reem. My father and mother were left in that reem, confused, when nurses entered. Some drew bleed hem my heaving mather- Others ushered my father out of
the reem, blowing aside his questions and asking him to wait in the waiting area. Which he did, and while he waited, he had time to see a dozen police officers rush into the
hospital, run past the waiting area, and head in the direction of the reem that held my mother. He teld me this last part in a checking sob: he heard gun shots.
That' s when I heard him scream.
I so itchy might ' ( Sat) 00: 42 Hide” M
45 its senses, )
That made me jump in the car seat. My hands taught and white against the steering wheel. My eyes bulging. I realized] wasn' t breathing. On the other end ofthe line, I heard
something clatter. Probably the phone hitting the Roar. Arguing mic es. Yelling wees- Authoritarian mic es. And ene weeping voice. My fiath er- The anly time I had ever heard him
like that. Blubbering something out. I' ll be hinest: I was disgusted. I wasn' t used to such a weak father- I was used the man of steel my old man had come to represent. I
guess I was confused
So when I heard the gun shots on the other end, I guess itjust didn' t seem real.
I so itchy might .) kla (' 10( Sat) 00: 43 Hide"
121 KB, 819x544, preti, jpg)
l I turned off the cell phone and continued the drive home. Numb. Confused Disbeliever's I got home. thole, by en, it wasn' t really home anymore- I mend the block closed "
Police cars burdened off the streets, people in biohazard suits coming in and out of my house. In my befuddled state, I thought it Geeked kinda like samething allthe we REC,
er maybe Quarantine..- It seemed pretty funny to be hinest- Really - until I saw them wheel out a body under a tarp, and realized hem the single exposed shoe, that it
was my younger brother,
I drove on then.
Cl so itchy might . (( Sat) Hide“ tlel,
ecs_ iggers its 320x240, prty, jpg)
Se I drove until I was out of tawn. Far out of tawn. I realized then that it might be stupid to keep en driving. Whatever was going eh, I had escaped because of sheer luck. They' d
tried to put up a net around us, but only I' d escaped because of my college schedule, only I was alive, I ditched my car on an empty street. Then I started walking.
So, what is it, /? Ne seen enough scary movies to guess. I' m infected, but who the fuck knews with what. My lungs are slowly burning and there' s a strange bulge en my back.
I haven' t checked it yet but I' d bet everything in my pockets (which semes out to about twenty five bucks) that it' s a red mark - a red mark that resembles a large mosquito bite.
But what is it? Am I going to die? Well, it was serious enough that they ord my moms and pops, and even my bro boat. Whateverr got, I figure it must be some serious shit. I
wonder what it takes infect others, a cough? A touch? A bite?
I' ll find out -
its, seems, prt& jpg)
I walked until I cerld hitch a ride. Then I walked some mere. I stopped at a motel after night and paid in cash. And I tried to sleep. Burl couldn' L Ijust kept seeing my brother' s
shoe sticking out hem under that tarp-. that sh em. So I opened my laptop and I decided to type this out instead.
They took everything hem me. I' -- going to die. They didn' t have to do what they did. They could have just told us we were a danger to oth ers. They didn' t have to shoot my
mother, my fathers-. I' m going to take as much as I can befire I go. Tomorrow, I' ll spend my day shaking hands, I' ll go into convenience stores and touch the feed, maybe cough
in it. I' ll lick the public water fountains- I' ll do whatever it takes to bring you with me. So , please. Shake my hand.
And if someone bites you, then dent wry- its nething; it can' t be verse than a bug bite.
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#1 - tokenwhiteman
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(01/04/2013) [-]
This man needs to be a writer, best creepypasta i've seen in a while
#3 - ieatmormonbabies
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(01/04/2013) [-]
Aw **** I got the same symptoms.
#4 to #3 - extremistavenger [OP]
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(01/04/2013) [-]
Seems like you better run before the military gets ya.
User avatar #2 - thunderpony
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(01/04/2013) [-]
10/10 would read again
#5 - ieatmormonbabies
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(01/04/2013) [-]
#6 - bipolarfurry
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/05/2013) [-]
now i'm paranoid. but it was an amazing story
now i'm paranoid. but it was an amazing story
#7 - splendiddust
Reply -3 123456789123345869
(01/09/2013) [-]
you know what the really ******* scary part is. you dont know whether its made up or not.
User avatar #8 to #7 - splendiddust
Reply -3 123456789123345869
(01/09/2013) [-]
i am serios though someone who is better at research than me please tell me story isnt true