Legend of Korra.... As you can see not by me.. don't ruin this for me... legend of korra pretty sure its a repost
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don't ruin this for me...
don't ruin this for me...
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Whats Shipping?
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It's part of the price included when purchasing items over the internet, often included with the term, 'handeling.' These two extra charges ensure that the object(s) you ordered over the internet or sometimes over the phone, if you're a lonely old person watching infomercials, are safely delivered to your doorstep without receiving any damages in the process. If you have any more questions, try looking under the section labeled with the 'Support' tab on our website, (www (.) ups (.) com), or if your problem cannot be addressed on the website you can talk to a live representative 24/7 by calling this number: 1-800-PICK-UPS, (1-).
And remember, "What can brown do for you?" A hell of a lot more than those FedEx bastards, I'll tell you that.
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Kora x Pabu
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I don't think she cares about the shipping.
I don't think she cares about the shipping.
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I will pay money to see a standalone picture of korra with the sunglasses on.
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Also reposted not only by you.
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