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#137 - snotnose
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(01/03/2013) [-]
i seen something exactly like this in a movie once.. it was an asian guy who buried his dog up to his head like this in dirt, then poured boiling water over the dogs head and drowned him at the same time as burning the unholy **** out of the dog, because the dog had
"bitten" his kid.. not like taken an arm off or anything, just bit the kid...

i dont remember anything about the movie but that... but i remember being very Traumatized over it.. very pissed off and just generally upset even though it was a movie and you couldnt even actually SEE the dog being killed *but you could hear it screaming and yalping"

i wanted to A: Reach though the TV and beat the unholy **** out of the evil Asian guy
B: Fly to the Director/screen writers homes and beat the unholy **** out of them... and so on...

In before Cool Story Bro or Thats Nice Honey
#215 to #137 - anon id: 0b938e2d
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(01/03/2013) [-]
so wait, you're upset about a guy in a movie over reacting, causing you to overreact and commit multiple homicides? Remind me to never be an actor.