Twilight's Mother Visits Part 2. Part 1:/channel/ponytime/Twilight+s+Mother+Visits+Part+1/yeBlGlr. tcu' his And no doubt Ne found the one already! My little gir ponies comic
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Twilight's Mother Visits Part 2

Tags: ponies | comic
And no doubt Ne found the one already! My little girl' s
been taken in by the strength and family values of the
hardworking rural type, hm?
Twilight, darling,
Pm a parent! t,' C,,, flifli( iih
practically my job!
I see... Perhap you were in stead awestruck by
the skill and attitude of a
Mmah, "an do my
Twiilight' e, "bothe,
orer? iwth? r
hale she str. aot_
Arhh, so it was instead the gentle grate of as kind
and giving nature that' s stolen W"" heart?
Though you should he careful
around the quiet ones...
Uh, h lye you wan}:
ming designer Rarity!. She fl. .
is the one who' s caught your eye'. r It
Hm... Much as I' m happy
you have high standards I
AM starting to run out of
ponies to ask about...
oh, testjust wouldn' t
Twilight, beas much fun!
honey, it' s not
as ift want
dating to be
the be all and
end all ofyour
life, but I like to
think you' ll
find a pony
who' ll make
you happy in
that way,'.
Hello,'. its Pinkie Pie, isn' t
it? My daughter' s Friend
or maybe mo re) who I
met atthe wedding?
I am Pinkie, yes'. Just
Twilight' s friend tho ugh,
not her
A dickfarm? How
Arnd I was
worried Twilight would
try ta follow in her really down to earth,
brother' s foot steps and l' l' f'), fur Garth ponies,
go after ratatta'. you " like them I lot
as inclass!
Nope, my family are
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