Twilight's Mother Visits Part 1. Part 2: /channel/ponytime/Twilight+s+Mother+Visits+Part+2/LfBlGYs. Oh, he' ll be down later. Rig ht new het moving my You Pr, s ponies comic
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Twilight's Mother Visits Part 1

Tags: ponies | comic
Oh, he' ll be down later.
Rig ht new het moving my
You Pr, stories
honey! I m glad I brother into the attic.
finally fownd time
ta vis it!
Would be add ta
keep them
about new has
finally married.
Does mean Amleed a new
character to write man c.
met many stallions in
Ponyville, ho new"
Strange trough, I stopped the
Shining Ammar marries "
stories a lung time an because
they seemed so unrealistic..
Then my little
hay went off and
discust that:
Well, naming wrung
with that) I can' t WAIT to
meet them, let' s gol
Ill? f' icij'
Can' t hear
i Places tn
to meet!
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Submitted: 01/01/2013
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#2 - lunasmidnight **User deleted account** (01/02/2013) [-]
I've had family moments like this....
#1 - darkjustifier (01/02/2013) [-]
Another fanfic to be written.
User avatar #3 - dabronydude (01/02/2013) [-]
reminds me when i told my friends i was bi,
they kept asking me what i thought of every guy -.-
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