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#210 - fitchy ONLINE (01/02/2013) [-]
no...dis some **** ...I'mma tell ya what's up bout that engineering and architecture **** ...This **** , this **** right here?? this tower of sauron? Tower of sauron is some **** , look at that poor architecture, no stability, although the base is far wider than it's height it's jagged edges act as a mother ******* wind catch A MOTHER ******* WIND CATCH ****** blow over with one of gandalfs ************* smoke ships A SMOKE ******* SHIP!!! what you know bout that smoke ship?! and you see that tilt on the bottom right?? **** TILTS INWARD!!! ***** SO UNSTABLE! mother ******* retarded ass evil thinkin it knows architecture and engineering 'n' **** NO EVIL....YOU AIN'T KNOW **** !!! ************ GON' TOPPLE NOT EVEN AFTER SAURUMON FALLS OF THAT **** **** GON' TOPPLE WHEN YOU PASS 100 FEET MOTHER ****** ! Naw son naw you betta build that **** stocky and plant that ******* eye up top so he can look dead at that ****** mountain because that's the only **** he gonna see without flling his ass down. ***** BITCH ASS EYE OF SAURON DON'T KNOW **** !! **************
User avatar #212 to #210 - fitchy ONLINE (01/02/2013) [-]
base be far wider than the height allows* rookie ass mistake
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