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#213 - albita (01/02/2013) [-]
Am I the only one that when drinking alcohol is even more difficult to have sex with? I just laugh at stupid things all the time and I don't feel like getting laid with anyone yes, I know I'm weird
#229 to #213 - codename (01/02/2013) [-]
yes you are
#233 to #229 - albita (01/02/2013) [-]
At least I'm weird in a good way this time
At least I'm weird in a good way this time
User avatar #221 to #213 - crazypotato (01/02/2013) [-]
My mate is just like you. But the rest of us have our conscience left. Some act like they are normal (like me). SOme just flip out totally.
User avatar #223 to #221 - albita (01/02/2013) [-]
When I'm drunk my mind feels retarded and it's like I am too dizzy to think of anything, obviously if you talk to me about sex I would join the conversation and would say a few things but only talking without feeling any desire. It's also because I am even too dizzy to stand up, I can't imagine for sex...
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