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#219 - cheastnut
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(01/02/2013) [-]
so in the manga Jesse and James were brother and sister, then they married. so during the show they were still dating or all ready married. not likely that many parents would except this. so from the absence of their parents love the accepted the life of crime. Didn't you ever wonder why they screwed up but were never fired, why they never left team rocket even when it shut down. why the head of a major crime syndicate would be in contact with such underlings, and why they try so had to please him... Giovanni is their father. He hates them and sends them on the most serious missions in hopes they get themselves killed. they dye their hair and only go by their first names to show him he doesn't have to worry about his reputation as 'Boss'. they are lonely, abandoned failures that just want to hear their father say he's proud. they just want to be loved.