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#348 - sublimerule
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(01/01/2013) [-]
Why do people spend their time on here producing content with no point other than to bitch about another user? I just cannot begin to understand the logic.

How can you get so pissed off at someone on the internet that you have never met and will almost surely have no impact on your life whatsoever. If you don't like someones content, thumb that **** down and move on.

It just seems crazy to me that someone would waste their time producing content just to bitch about someone and the fact they repost content on funnyjunk. I mean, do you seriously care that much, to the point you will waste your own time.

Who cares about thumbwhores, it's not money, it's never going to lead them to fame or glory anywhere, it's a virtual signification that someone, somewhere likes something you posted, that's it. Who gives a ****.