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User avatar #38 - RequieminMortis
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(01/01/2013) [-]
Three cheesecakes for the Elven-kings, healthiest of all.
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their great dinner hall.
Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to heart attacks.
One for the Dark Lord, who needed a nice snack.

One cheesecake to rule them all, one cheesecake to find them.
One cheesecake to bring them all, and in the stomach digest them.
#47 to #38 - darthblam
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(01/01/2013) [-]
Did you just make that up? Because that's pretty damn good if you just made that up.
#48 to #47 - RequieminMortis
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(01/01/2013) [-]
I improvised it on the spot.
I improvised it on the spot.