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#28 - sheepysquirrel
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(01/01/2013) [-]
One of my friends we have known for around 11 years now. He is like a brother to us now and my parents consider him an adopted son.
His mom is dead and he was raised by his sister and all that yada. Well his "real" family always gets him ONE thing for christmas. A single box of that assortment of axe products you get for 10 bucks at walmart. Then right after he opens that they ALL (about 8 different people) ask where their 300 bucks worth of gifts are.
His other "real" sister told him to buy her son a new wardrobe and ****.
The first year he ever lived with us, we got him around $200 worth of things he actually would use and he was so happy he was in tears.

This was totally relevant.