misleading title. . MI File: -( 11 KB, 402x324, 1354924913396. png) CI Anonymous (ID: / / o) 12/ 30/ 12( Sun) 21: 52: 48 No. 447438359 [Reply] Add posts and 43

misleading title

MI File: -( 11 KB, 402x324, 1354924913396. png)
CI Anonymous (ID: / / o) 12/ 30/ 12( Sun) 21: 52: 48 No. 447438359 [Reply]
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COMES Tti? YOUR CI Anonymous (ID: ppr/ ) 12/ 31/ 12( Mon) 01: 31: 05 No. 447488068
AND THINK, JUST nsw i didnt tap for a long time, like A days m SC), and my penis is moving wary time i think about what could happen, and then today we blaze it
faggits and my superfriend that wasnt there asks what happen? and we are like Is! est winamp Pver, and we dsnt want to tell him, SC) then when i
WRITE finally do, hes like Isl, my brother (he is brother guy) is a fagget, yse could **** her and yse let anon make set with her instead? wtf? and
like Is! funny (but inside feeling sarry because this guy (he is cool and all but zeta (literally worse than beta))) SC) i dsnt tell any thing
CI Anonymous (ID: Psl) ) 12/ 31/ 12( Mon) 01: 31: 25 No. 447488147
what wat wat wat wat wat wat wat a ******* asshole itch ass cunt ******* ruining my already bad day.
why dsnt tell me to **** off already if yse dsnt want to talk to me anymore?!
Why dsnt yse stop making promises to me?!
why did yse ask me why I we you? Why do yse doubt me?!
**** YOU BITCH **** YOU!
ijust want it all to gs back. iwant yse to hold my hand again. Iwant to the lonely me to gs away. I dsnt want to gs into the army alone....
Iwant yse to be there for me, i want yse to care...
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CI Anonymous (ID: ) 12/ 31/ 12( Mon) 01: 31: 31 No. 447488165
sometimes it' s not about wanting to light the world, sometimes itsjust about telling it sser story despite what it thinks.
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Sometimes I like words, and other times I don't. Like cock, I love that word, it's such a funny word to say. It almost zests up any sentence. "Boy, I sure just did a cock-load of chores today." while there are words that I despise. "Man, I sure just adore him." I hate the word adore, It's so weird for a word. You sound like a seal when you say it.
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