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#14 - pasiusquotum
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(01/01/2013) [-]
You: Do you like Neil Diamond?
Stranger: I have no clue who that is
You: The Jewish Elvis.
You: Where are you from?
Stranger: ah
Stranger: USA you
You: You are from he US and have never heard of Neil diamond?
You: Are you a child?
Stranger: im 19
You: He sang "Sweet Caroline" and "America".
Stranger: I don't know those songs
You: Are you from Utah?
Stranger: Nope
Stranger: from Vermont
You: Well, that's about the same thing.
Stranger: not really
You: You might as well have said Mars.
Stranger: jjez thanks
You: I am just stunned that you don't know who Neil Diamond is.
Stranger: why
#15 to #14 - pasiusquotum
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(01/01/2013) [-]
You: and you have never heard the song "Sweet Caroline."
Stranger: I can't watch youtube on my pc
You: Oh, that's right. Because of the dial up.
You: My bad.
You: What's that like?
You: YOu and Bode Miller just kicking it?
Stranger: who is that
Stranger: it's nice here
Stranger: very green
You: Bode Miller, the professional skiier? You are ******* with me.
Stranger: no I'm not
You: It does mean green mountain.
Stranger: mhm
You: You have intrigued me.
You: WHat do you do?
Stranger: read
You: Read what? Obviously not newspapers.
Stranger: nope
Stranger: books
Stranger: fiction books
You: Ah, Goosebumps.
Stranger: Yes those too
You: Stephen King is from Mass, right?
You: Or Vermont?
Stranger: I don't know
#16 to #15 - pasiusquotum
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(01/01/2013) [-]
Stranger: don't read his stuff
You: New England somewhere.
You: What kind of fiction do you read.
You: I was kidding about goosebumps.
Stranger: Stephen King didn't write Goosebumps
You: I am aware.
You: I was making a joke about Goosebumps.
Stranger: oh...
Stranger: mhm
You: WHat do you read?
Stranger: anything
You: I am still shocked that you don't know who neil diamond is.
Stranger: lo
You: Neil Diamond is in the top 500 most famous americans.
Stranger: lol
You: Maybe even top 100.
Stranger: ah
Stranger: i gotta go
#17 to #16 - psychfouronenine
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(01/01/2013) [-]
FYI King is from Maine. And that Stranger is retarded. How the **** hasn't he heard Sweet Caroline?
FYI King is from Maine. And that Stranger is retarded. How the **** hasn't he heard Sweet Caroline?