Harry Potter. Repost.. All these emotional Harry Potter pictures, and all I have is this.


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All these emotional Harry Potter pictures, and all I have is this.
All these emotional Harry Potter pictures, and all I have is this.
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I know that feel...
I know that feel...
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I have a few of these...
I have a few of these...
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better than mine...
better than mine...
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Finished re-reading the last book yesterday. favorite chapter ever was "The Sacking of Severus Snape" lemme just leave a few quotes:

"Got Potter?" said professor McGonagall sharply, "What do you mean 'got Potter'?"
"He told us Potter might try to get in the Ravenclaw tower, and to send for him if we caught him!" bellowed Amycus.
"Why would Harry Potter try to get inside Ravenclaw tower, Potter belongs to my house!"
Beneath the disbelief and anger, Harry heard a strain of pride in her voice, and affection for Minerva McGonagall gushed up inside him.
"Its us that's in charge now," sneered Amycus at McGonagall,"and you'll back me up or you'll pay the price."
And he spat in her face.
Harry yanked off the invisibility cloak off himself, raised his wand and said calmly,"You shouldn't have done that." As Amycus spun around Harry shouted "Stupify!" and the death eater was lifted off his feet and crashed into the front of a bookcase and crumpled, unconscious, to the floor.
"Potter!" whispered Professor McGonagall, clutching her heart."Potter---you're here! What---? How---" she struggled to pull herself together,"Potter, that was foolish!"
"He spat at you," said Harry.
"Potter, I--- that was very--- very gallant of you--- but don't you realize---?"
"Our headmaster is taking a short break," said Professor McGonagall, pointing at the Snape-shaped hole in the window.
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I haven't been able to re-read or re-watch the books or movies. Too traumatizing.
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That last one. Oh God I can't breathe.
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you forgot the best one
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Fixed it.
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Staaph it, Ron, staph!
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stop it...   
stop making me remember...
stop it...

stop making me remember...
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Stop it, Ron. STAAAAHHP!
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Ronald Weasly...
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It's "Wingardium Levios AAAAHHHHHHHH"
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"After all this time?"

That line, right there, every time I watch the movie or read the books, gets me every time.
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Aaaaannnd now I'm sad
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god damn you made me snot everywhere
god damn you made me snot everywhere
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Dear Molly,
I will be watching over your Fred just as you have been watching over my Harry.
Sincerely, Lily.
I cried so ******* hard at this. The Harry Potter series has touched me like nothing else. To all my friends, I'm the Metal-head Potter head, and I almost always get HP related presents. It always makes me smile.
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Oh dear god why did I read: "Hermione Granger, the Whitest Bitch"
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**kuraudosutoraifu rolled a random image posted in comment #16 at NAILED it **

MFW reading this
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