Heaven delivers. 1/10 troll www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NF5XU-k2Vk. Milt I have got to get this off my chest. All day, every thread I' been on has been comprised o

Heaven delivers

I have got to get this off my chest. All day, every thread I' been on has been comprised of mostly **** . I am not exaggerating, ml sincerely
hates women. That' s all I' gotten while I was here. Either are crying because they' been friend zoned or they' re proclaiming, "TITS DR GTFO
HURRDURRS I doubt most of you ******* have bothered to see a connection between these two things, but here we are. My final send off to ml before I
leave it for ******* ever because you faggots make me sick to my stomach.
First of all, guys who complain about not having a girlfriend: LOWE R. YOUR. STANDARDS. You may notice that sexy Facebook whore off in
one corner who is attractive but will snub you in a heartbeat, or you could realize you are **** and instead, notice the fat introvert who will be
happy to have someone caring for her at all. But will you even give her a glance‘? Nope. You' re just wiry to breeze right back to to cry
about haw feminazis have made women so entitled. Lower your standards. You have done whim to arm the sexy chick. To back to the fat
chick corner where you belfry.
I Anonymous (ID: /) ) hla. Replies:
Next, to all men who feel friendszoned: Drop it. So what. She doesn' t love yerf? Big. ******* . Deal. You' re probably a pussy anyway, and if she' s hat endear dumb enaugh to net go out with a
nice guy'' like yourself, you need to drop it and move the **** on. She probably doesn' t mean to string you on. It' s just her way of garnering the male attention she never received from her
father by getting it from every other penis in junior high. Get away from her FAST. I personally don' t understand your pain, but you already know haw this will end, and its a good idea to get
out of this before it gets worse. Besides, this is essentially a problem. Girls just vent with poetry, ice cream, a good cry, and then they move the **** on.
I Anonymous (ID: Heaven) ) 06: hla. Replies:
Don' t let the door hit you in the vagina on the way out.
I Anonymous (ID: /) ) 06: hla. Replies:
Third, to all men who have been ****** over by women: was she hat'? If so, she will probably **** you over. Flat women suck like that. They all went to be Barbie princesses who are
pampered by their geis while they have a good cookery ELI. Jae on the side. As I' stated before: settle for less. Don' t merry any hat women who plans to be a "stay at home wife." You will
regret it. She will suck (and not in the good way) and she will cheat, and you will lose custody and you' ll cry on ml because you made the decision to merry Barbie. My advice‘? Marry a
mediocre chick. Being an ugly girl is like being a men: we' re wiry to work to make it. Sure, a lot of women (hat and nat) tum out to be bitches, but quite frankly your standards
are too high, and you' re pretty too, ml.
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