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#28 - canadiangypsy (12/29/2012) [-]
"The Rapture dream is over, and in waking I'm alone. Mother, I left behind and you chose to die rather than have me follow you. But you gave me the greatest gift of all, something I have never had. My freedom. There is no name for what I am, but the world is about to change. I thought we would seize it together, yet as I sat there with you I wondered if even I could be redeemed. Your sacrifice gave me hope. But father, wherever you are...I miss you."
User avatar #48 to #28 - darthblam ONLINE (12/29/2012) [-]
God.. I got that ending on my first game.. because I accidentally harvested a little sister ... Man I teared up so much at this ending...
User avatar #30 to #28 - habasparkz (12/29/2012) [-]
The best game I have ever played. The story was so twisted and great. I was so sad when I realized that I was leaving Rapture forever. I hope the next one keeps some of the same stuff in common. I also hope you discover more about Rapture.
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