I got nothing. . Prince Offah 5. -'_- an Last Christmas I got an Fad IF' hane and laptop. This Christmas, I got a deoderant. worst. Flipping. Christmas. Ever. E I got nothing Prince Offah 5 -'_- an Last Christmas Fad IF' hane and laptop This a deoderant worst Flipping Ever E
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I got nothing

Prince Offah 5. -'_- an
Last Christmas I got an Fad IF' hane and laptop. This Christmas, I
got a deoderant. worst. Flipping. Christmas. Ever.
i': i, it,: I feel had tor my morn cause I can tell she knews I' m pissed at her tor
I LL' giving me shit ass presents
Meagan Janelle at ."
Seriously my grandparents are rich as fuck and i got a fucking Futuis
cube fer Christmas? And that' s the only present under the tree....
Georgina Welter -
my parents are stupid i have to wait fer my 'grandad' to get to my
house refere i can open all my presents well that will be all day then
year I' m tidying all my own presents cause this must
Merry Peasants .) an
got a cheap new phone fer Christmas but its better then nathin right?
I still got my IF-‘ ed got taken away 1 life sucks sometimes
writing this post with my new kindle fire, this thing sucks! hut I got it
tor christmas I cant complain 1
Michael Trujillo f:. sh
This Christmas sucks my sisters got Fees and the good shit and I get
detainee hut mes man mt is 1006; genna get -,
his Rechte. ated Ely / ER. C, ) kl
Jeanna Vargas In
This christmas sucks. Got lame presents El
To he hinest , this Christmas tar sucks ass. I got 2 fucking gifts.
Yippe we stever
isa', try LATINER COM
This Christmas was seme bullshit. I got seme damn p] my family sucks
I never expect gem Christmas presents. My parents always buy me
stupid shit.
Celine Fauna! ". . an
Christmas sucks this year. I used to get everything I wanted, this year
lget shit.
a My parents must think I' m stupid like I den' t knew yall out shopping tor
our presents and that' s why I can' t go #.larks
hilly ( Tin
Christmas sucks. And I have a feeling my morn got me perfume. My.
hew cerld I ever live without anither bottle perfume'?
If my morn is serious about this Whole car thing I mightiest trash her
his I dent have my Liscense. That weild he a stupid present
he swatch '/
I peeked at my presents and my mem got me shit I den' t want. Ugh I
hate having to pretend to like shit
I IO I crr TLEAST ",;
Iwanted a thigh gap tor chrismtas and Instead I got peeks
jun J.
I wish I had seme Filthy rich relatives. My presents suck
I Gianna Rt: , an
l ' all I getter Christmas was gift cards. perfume, and slippers.
My mem sucks at giving presents.
iad, ? in LATINER COM
e Sh
1' iii My mem is stupidd-. She gees to put presents dawn stairs just when
my little brother wakes up to take a middle the night pee- Cl
Henna Garden . Q-' I'» Sermahn_ In
Lame presents tor Christmas just like other years Cl
Ell Expand
Geoffrey :.i.. cough
Actually want to kill myself with what I get. Christmas surely gets
verse every yea F, guaranteed.
Hussy hitch at Hg"; _ Th
What the fuck kind werld dd we live in? I wanted an Pad. Not a
fucking kindle?
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