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I understand what your saying. infact, as a child my father molested me, beat me, cussed me out more than he would talk to me, and threatened my life multiple times. one time he broke my ankle with a brick becuase i wasn't washing the car fast enough. my mother would beat me till i was litterally bleeding everyday, physically torchered and mentally torchered by her. she would also do many of the things my father would do as i listed above. i couldent even escape the pain at school. fisrst with my kindergarden teacher mocking and beating me becuase i have a hand deformity that prevents me from writing neatlly. i also had a bladder problem and she never let me go to the bathroom once so i always came home with wet pants where i would then be beat by both my parents for hours on end for not using the bathroom at school. then as i went through grades i still did not get a break from the ridicule of teachers, each one would find somthing rong with me and make school a living hell about it, even at times telling fellow students to point and luagh becuase i had difficulty understanding somthing or becuase of some other reason. i could go on and on about the pain i suffered from the young age of four to eighteen, but what i want to say is, from someone who actually experienced this... well, going through all that pain and torture as a child, not being able to form my own social identity, have my own opinions, have my own feelings, this way of parenting has molded a young adult who is dead inside, has no plans of living past twenty, has a extreme wish to just brutally and slowly murder each person that looks at me the rong way and make it so evil that even satan would say "damn, thats just to far!" i have so many social problems from my upbringing that i dont think anybody could help, although i would acept it if someone tried. if i have a kid or two i will defentally slowly explain why what they did was rong or why what they did was right. i appologize for my spelling.
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there's some kids out there that just need to be disciplined, physical doesn't mean they'll be mentally ****** up later on in life or that they will result in a life of violance.
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Is that the scenario the anti-discipline crowd goes to? Mother sees the kid doing something, and just goes over and hits him?

In reality, the the mother sees the child playing with matches, smacks his hand, takes the matches away, and explains that playing with matches is dangerous.
It isn't this royal rumble free-for-all that you guys are making it out to be.
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well of course, but if they directly disobey you, and parental logic doesn't work, you are just words to them. It's not a parent's job to be just a friend with advice, my parents always used to talk to me, and I was a great kid, no drugs, or stuff like that, but they keep you in line. If I ever got caught doing something illegal, I'd get the belt.
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Are you kidding? My dad beat me with a ******* belt when I acted like a little **** and I know I deserved it back then and I turned out somewhat okay.
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