How to resist anesthesia. . File: 1330_ KB, , hospital bed. jpg} As I was being walked by a nurse to the operating room for my shoulder surgery, I told her abou How to resist anesthesia File: 1330_ KB hospital bed jpg} As I was being walked by a nurse the operating room for my shoulder surgery told her abou
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How to resist anesthesia

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File: 1330_ KB, , hospital bed. jpg}
As I was being walked by a nurse to the operating room for my shoulder surgery, I told her about ahat I had made with my friends on how I would fight and win
the anesthesia.
So upon entering the OR, i was asked to he down on the freezing cold operating table. My bare arse was touching the metal table. and I could feel my balls
don' t worry about that, we won' t look dawn there. At that point I was as red as a tomato.
contract fromthe cold, only to be followed by my little soldier retreating into my pelvis-. I looked down at my area, and the nurses eyes met mine and she said,
Within seconds they had me wired me up with sensors, and tubing, and introduced me to both the surgeon and anesthesiologist- who seemed like a nice guys.
The anesthesiologist then walked me through the process of what was about to be done. He told me that he was now plugging in a tube that would transfer the KAC) juice, and I would be knocked out in a
couple ofreminds. He told me to relax, put my head back, and count backwards from WEI.
I felt my head getting heavy and I began to lose control of my arms.
I suddenly propped myself up while letting out a manly hulk groan, and yelled, "I made a bet that I would beat the anesthesia!"
A nurse turned around in shock and screamed in terror.
Turns out whail really yelled was "I dent need no education". and both my eyes were pointing into two totally different directions.
Needless to say, I lost the bet.
When I woke up. I was greeted by multiple giggling hospital staff. In the distance I could hear them saying, "Pink Floyd has come to".
I didn' t get the reference up until the surgeon came to check on me and told me what I had done.
Cl anonymous to AX/ ) () 19: 30% Nu_ sass. -tears
That was tin epic story. Bro.
That was fucking firony as fuck op
I made a bet that] would beat the anesthesia's'
Here is IO.. intenets for you op
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You're a repost.
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"Pink Floyd has come to"
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