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cs is not cod, just sayin
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Xbox players will always sleep with your mom, no matter what game.

pic related i used to play this game a **** load.
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The amount of children who play games on PC is way less then a xbox or a ps3. It might have something to do with the price of a gaming PC compared to a console.
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It is any online game.
You will find people that annoy you, no matter what.
The only difference is CoD is so massive, that it seems there are more of them, but in reality it is just the most vocal minority.
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Except 99% of people on CS are professional, don't talk, or are generally nice and helpful teammates.
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how come i have been seeing so much of the foul mouthed overly competitive angry 1 percent on CS:S then?

Any game has alot of people like this, you cant just say a false statistic, showing some kind of elitism.

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thats because the ********* of casualgamers.
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