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From what i can gather, You were abused as a boy, and now you can only find joy in mocking another persons beliefs, because the ones you thought you could believe in (Father, Mother, Uncle, Aunt, trusted adult, etc.) all turned out to be pedophiles. Not, to mention that you are a raging homosexual attempting to get in touch with your inner self which you lost all contact a long time ago, leading us to this sad, sad, sad piece of garbage you call "funny." More likely, it is a sad attempt attract other people of your nature so that they can help you justify whatever weird sodomistic sexual practices you're involved in, and you can lie to yourself a little longer about who you really are, which is a sad excuse for flesh, and breath. Am I close?

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you seem upset c:
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From what I can gather, your butt is incredibly hurt.
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oh yeah, OP is a fag.
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