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What I don't understand is why the fact that he is Atheist is your favorite part. That doesn't affect any of his views and it just caps the whole thing with an anti-religious context.
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It's not irony. The whole assumption that atheists are immoral hasn't been accepted by the cultural majority in America for almost 20 years. The majority of our culture is secular now. You can't pretend that the same prejudices that dominated America 20 years ago are still as prevalent. It just doesn't fit the facts.
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the fact that the westbero baptist church that beleives so highly in god have a child born to not believe in god is in fact irony
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They don't believe in God, and everybody knows it. Even Christians. They use the pretense of God to justify acting like total douche bags without feeling bad about it. Most Christians hate them too, from Mormons to Southern Baptists. I don't think anybody is really surprised by this, it makes sense. And since it isn't an entirely unexpected situation, it does not qualify as irony.
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I've explained this way too many times. Please just read the comments. Im sure you will find what I've said.
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Okie dokie lokie...

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Oh joy. It's you.
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Sup Mate? Noticed you comment about editing the description. Valid point, thumbed it up. Thought you might stumble across me here.
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