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If your favourite part of that story is the fact he's an Atheist, you need to re-evaluate your priorities
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Its his favourite part because he grew up in what would have been a family that constantly filled his mind with christian values aswell as their ****** up christian views. Its amazing that he became an atheist after being raised by such twisted people. It shows that he has an open mind and is able to overcome the odds. Atheism doesnt make you better necessarily but in this situation it speaks for his character.
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Not really. If I was abused in the name of religion when I was younger I would want to stay as far away from it as possible, regardless how I actually felt. What WOULD be Ironic is if he STAYED a christian and simply followed the good teachings of it, still believing that good can be made out of it
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Most atheist post I see are despised by the users. Though they get thumbed up by redditors
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