Well.... that's awkward.... Awesome Self-Shot Fails theleek.com/2012/12/friday-fails-self-shots-gone-hilariously-wrong/ You're Welcome. The L' Internet Lowe I H Well that's awkward Awesome Self-Shot Fails theleek com/2012/12/friday-fails-self-shots-gone-hilariously-wrong/ You're Welcome The L' Internet Lowe I H
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Well.... that's awkward...

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Manliness Test
Question IO:
A woman who is uncomfortable watching you masturbate:
a. (C) Probably needs a little more time before she can some with that
sort of intimacy
b. (C) Is uptight and a waste of time
c. () Shouldn' t have sat next to you on the bus in the first place
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> hey anon, wanna give your opinion?
User avatar #2 - gabecello
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(12/16/2012) [-]
http://stupidstuff.org/main/mantest.htm < The link, for anyone who wants to check it out
User avatar #3 to #2 - trimdos **User deleted account**
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(12/16/2012) [-]
I'm a potential spice girl. wut?
#4 - darkjustifier
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(12/16/2012) [-]
Shouldn't have opened her closet.
#5 - blackholee
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(12/16/2012) [-]
;_; the worst part was I was being legitimately honest
#1 - walnoot
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has deleted their comment [-]