BRING ME HAN SOLO. . star wars meme jabba the hutt

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User avatar #4 - resola (12/15/2012) [-]
Bring me hemp solo
User avatar #7 - OsamaBinLadenz (12/15/2012) [-]
That awkward moment when your fat closes your eyes for you.
#1 - jdsalenger (12/15/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Here he is. Now where is my reward?
#6 to #1 - countchoculitis (12/15/2012) [-]
You get swallowed alive by the beast rather than chewed
User avatar #9 - gregoriez (12/15/2012) [-]
man it looks like she can barely open her eyes
User avatar #2 - konradkurze (12/15/2012) [-]
weed hat?

guess she gets baked alot to suffer munchies so bad to get that fat
User avatar #8 - skeetonamber (12/15/2012) [-]
Can you imagine how much weed it would take, to give her a full body high?

we're talking around two metric ******** here
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