Mfw New YouTube Layout. Doctor Who. doctor who youtube
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tilt your screen
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OMGOODNESS! The feels... I just went through a break up, and this might actually be worse.
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i still have the previous youtube layout on my laptop, new layout on my desktop
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Just go to www youtube com/feed/subscriptions/u, fave it, and it only shows uploads from people you're subbed to.
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why do they constantly change their site.. they sometimes also change the video format (ive made videos that dont show borders (the black frame) and after an update i go back to view them and its small as **** )..
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dont care about youtube but this pic is right in the feels
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So all of you whinyfags have been complaining about the new youtube layout, which is accuali pretty awesome, so I decided to show [gray-purple]F[gray-purple][bril-green]J[bril-green] how to gp back to the old layout.

1. Go to YouTube
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+J in [gray-azure]Google Chrome[gray-azure], or press Ctrl+Shift+K in [bril-red]Fire[bril-red][orange]fox[orange], it will open Developer Tools.
3. Go to "Console" tab
4. Copy&paste this:
[bril-yellow]document.cookie="VISITORINFO1LIVE=qDpUsBNO0FY; expires=Thu, 2 Aug 2020 20:47:11 UTC"[bril-yellow];
5. Press Enter, refresh/reload the page and the old YouTube is back.

I have to say; After changing back to the old layout you see how much the new layout is better. Ofcourse if you want to see your subscriptions you're ****** but the watch page is so goood! :D
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Yeah I kinda like seeing my subscriptions...
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