Look! i got you a fag!. People who watch south park or just no about bundles of sticks will get this title ^^.. That dog is a noob compared to Sasha Grey
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User avatar #4 - fizzythunder (12/15/2012) [-]
That dog is a noob compared to Sasha Grey
User avatar #2 - thomaster (12/15/2012) [-]
All I was thinking:
Gotta fetch them all
User avatar #15 - darkrighteosnight (12/15/2012) [-]
he got a ball too...
#11 - trollorama (12/15/2012) [-]
A bundle of sticks is a 'faggot.' But based on your lack of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, I understand your mistake.
User avatar #23 to #11 - kyrian (12/15/2012) [-]
Since you had to make light of this, I figured I should point out that you shouldn't start a sentence with the word 'but.' Although, you surely knew that already and did that on purpose.
#25 to #23 - trollorama (12/17/2012) [-]
I only just saw your comment, but do not presume to question my grammar.

"You might have been taught that it’s not good English to start a sentence with a conjunction such as and or but. It’s not grammatically incorrect to do so, however, and many respected writers use conjunctions at the start of a sentence to create a dramatic or forceful effect." -Oxford Dictionaries (.com)
User avatar #26 to #25 - kyrian (12/17/2012) [-]
Very well. While it may not be grammatically incorrect to do so, conjunctions are meant to join separate words, phrases, or clauses. Languages obviously change over time and what is acceptable at one time isn't necessarily acceptable at another. Starting a sentence with them looks ridiculous and should not be done, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others. It looks as though it currently is a matter of choice as the English language is dumbed down and simplified. Have it your way and do as you please. Just note that not everyone accepts that usage. Once again, good day to you, sir.
User avatar #24 to #11 - kyrian (12/15/2012) [-]
I noticed you also got a red thumb, so I put it back to zero for you. Good day, sir.
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#6 - bitchplzzz (12/15/2012) [-]
And a ****** apple.
User avatar #5 - ThatFatMummy ONLINE (12/15/2012) [-]
Gotta Ketchum All
User avatar #12 - misterfatman (12/15/2012) [-]
someone is an overachiever.
#13 to #12 - clownfury (12/15/2012) [-]
Asian dogs eh?
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#8 - justbeingcool (12/15/2012) [-]
**justbeingcool rolled a random image posted in comment #375796 at Anime & Manga ** dog
#3 - lbriesberg (12/15/2012) [-]
That is probably the greatest dog ever.
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