For those curious. This just RADIATES information haha sorry. Radiation Dose Chart This is a chart of the ionizing radiation dose a person ean absorb from vario Fallout is still Awesome

For those curious

This just RADIATES information

Radiation Dose Chart
This is a chart of the ionizing radiation dose a person ean absorb from various soureye. The unit for absorbed dose is "sieve's" (tht), and measurer the effect a dose of radiation
will have on the cells of the body. gne liebert (all at once) will make you sick, and too many more will kill you, but we safely absorb small amounts of natural radiation daily.
Note: The emme number of subverts absorbed in a shorter time will generally more damage, but your cumulative [ dose plays a big role in things like waneer risk.
Sleeping next to aomeone (8. 85 )
Living within 58 miles of a nuclear
power plant for a year (8. 88 )
Eating one banana (8. 1 )
Living within 58 miles of a eoll
III power plant for a year (8. 3 )
pa, gne arm Xyray (1 )
pa, Using a CRT monitor for a year (1 )
Extra dose from spending one day in
Mpa an area with
Mpa natural background radiation, such
the Colorado plateau (1. 2 )
Elli: Elli:
day In an
Dr hand - byen near the Fuku-
enima plant (. 5 p( iht
Background dose received
by (an person Daer
We normal day (It) )
Airplane flight from New York to LA (48 )
Using a cell phone (8 ) -a cell phone' s transmitter does
not produce ionizing recitation* and does not waneer.
Extra dose from one
varies quite a bit)
I Chest Xyray (28 )
LC., All the doses in the blue
chart combined ( )
Living in a stone, brick, or concrete
II building for a year (hi) )
Average total dose from the Three
Nile Island accident to aomeone
living within 18 miles (88 )
Pd EPA yearly release
gr' limit for a nuclear
In power plant (258 )
Yearly dose from
natural potassium in
the body (388 )
EPA yearly limit on
radiation exposure
to a single member
of the public
external dose
from Three
Nile Island
Oneidas dose (. 8 )
at two sites 58 km NY of
Fukushima on 3/ 16, seen
again on 3/ 17. However,
other aread near Fukushima
eaw doses.
Normal yearly background
dose. About 85% is from
natural soureye. Nearly
all of the rest is from
medical Deane (. 85 )
EPA yearly release target for
a nuclear power plant (38 )
Chest CT euan
Doee from spending an
hour on the grounds at
the Chernobyl plant in
2818 (6 may in one spot,
but varies wildly)
Maximum yearly dose permitted for tlt) radiation workers (58 )
I (fini) wee
x Artless it' s a .
Radiation worker
limit (58 )
Lowest ( dose
clearly linked to
All the doses in the green ll increased C,' anc,' er
chart combined (H' 75 ) 'Pa risk (188 )
Wee causing symptoms of -
radiation poisoning if Papah.
received in a short time -
488 , but varies) -
I (13 we
EPA guidelines for emergency
situations, provided to
ensure :
D” limit f.'? r Emergency it Severe radiation
property We ) II SDM? “SEE fatal
explosion and meltdown (58 tht) - ! F Eek??? radi. a-
tion poisoning. Survival
sometimes possible with
soureye: Fatal dose, even with treatment (8 tht) prompt treatment (4 tht)
1: . deq. idaho. goi.. -Iing_ outweight. -“radiation. -“radiation_ guide.
Chart by Randall Munroe, with help from Ellen, Senior Reactor operator at the Reed Research Reactor, who suggested the idea and provided a lot of the soureye. I’ m sure I' added in
lote of mistakes; it' s for general education only. If you’ re basing radiation safety procedures on an internet PNG image and things go wrong, you have no one to blame but yourself.
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