Faith Restored. Breasts.. Cl Anonymous 1( Sun) 01 E home from party late one evening guys were following me. as my drunk ass managed to piss them off by existin

Faith Restored

Cl Anonymous 1( Sun) 01 E
home from party late one evening
guys were following me. as my drunk ass managed to piss them off by existing
walk faster. to no avail as I' m drunk as ****
Cratch me in some random college student neighborhood
I Anonymous ( Thu) 17: 48 ) r! ahit. r. lly ass IS about to be beaten
KB, 737x583, 4, jpg) Sstill m talking phase
Alights idck on in the house
Mthree guys in full musketeer garb walk out
Reader is some blond guy with a beard. eyepatch. and some wardress accent
What sort of ruffians would be accosting someone outside our residence? Stand and deliver!"
if Rhys start yelling at them to **** off. that I deserved to get my ass beaten
well. then. Draw steel you blackguards"
wall three ofthem draw raiders on their belts
HI know not foul men sought your harm but come and tell us the tale. stranger!"
Append remainder of evening drinking mulled wine with Lunatics
Bounch of Swedish benefactors live there
guy is actually missing an eye; lost it in a machine shop accident
home completely drunk with a hat
I I have no idea people like that existed. had the money to rent a house.
Cl Anonymous (' 11( Sun)
I Anonymous ( Thu) 17: 57
Holy **** , this is still being posted?
I figure I owe ttgl a bit of an update on these guys.
Their leader, Cl he of one eye and little common sense, nearly had his visa revoked for these kinds of shenanigans. One too many arrests meant that his right to stay in the country was contested,
and he had to go to court to defend hims elf and prevent his visa from being revoked-
I was his ride to court, and had to testify to the board that he shouldn' t be deported for lack of common sense or social normality.
His defense? A written speech, about three pages long, about the rights of man, the education he has received here, and the opportunities for a machinist. The spirit of his crimes were all in
defense of people who would otherwise suffer- For other witnesses, he had some of the random people he' d helped out, including one memorable point where a woman, nearly on the verge of tears,
pointed out how he' d taken on a guy threatening to rape her and carrying a knife by whipping out a fencing saber, disarming him, and mocking him in his thick Swedish accent so that the gin could
call the cops. Something like a dozen people all showed up, explaining how this dude, despite his , made the country better.
He was not deported, and lives here to this very day, stalking the streets in musketeer garb, rescuing drunks, and dispensing his own brand injustice-
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Doesn't matter how many times i read this, it's always funny.
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