Regrets. epic green text, love it. Riddle school retty normal kid named Lewis Adverage number oi friends not we weird. not we smart. you gel the idea sget assig


epic green text, love it

Riddle school
retty normal kid named Lewis
Adverage number oi friends not we weird. not we smart. you gel the idea
sget assigned protect on future careers
He leaves the ream
occures hath with a has
snare are hundreds of turtles in the butt
litterally hundreds
sthe box sprite
tte turtles ******* everywhere
bill/ hat the actual ****
Aly starts FREAKING. DUT smut the turtles escaping
bursts into tears
shire dad is a ! yst and they' re turtles
stole the turtles
mane of the turtles escape because they' re turtles. we just pick them up and put them back it' s not We they can run fast
me to take him to the office m they can call his dad and pick up the turtles
she went stop crying
has a seizure an the way tn the Office
turtle has again. all the stair well
falls dawn the stairs with them
Sperts his scalp spent. hes his face
Turtles and bleed everywhere
at here to run up and ilc) three (ights of stairs and collect the turtles while LEWIS is unconscious
Teachers later ask me why! helped the turtles end nat Lewis, I still don' t hmm..
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Submitted: 12/14/2012
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User avatar #5 - Crusader (12/14/2012) [-]
I have not laughed that hard in a long time
#9 - ninjabadger ONLINE (12/14/2012) [-]
Still always gets me
Still always gets me
#15 - bitchimflawless (12/15/2012) [-]
"Little turtles 						*******					 everywhere."
"Little turtles ******* everywhere."
#20 - budbrown (12/15/2012) [-]
i say he did the right thing. value the lives of 100 over the life of one.i
#10 - newfagsrus (12/14/2012) [-]
short but sweet
#19 - TheRedDragon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #4 - undeadwill (12/14/2012) [-]
He would have wanted it this way.

Hey free turtle
#8 - megashot (12/14/2012) [+] (1 reply)
i don't normally complain about repost, but this has been posted to much
User avatar #21 to #8 - TwistedBamboozler (12/15/2012) [-]
Why don't you post some OC then?
#24 - smittywrbmnjnsn (12/15/2012) [-]
"LITERALLY bursts into tears"
#1 - mrlego (12/14/2012) [-]
#25 - Xiyamae (12/15/2012) [-]
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User avatar #22 - ompalomper (12/15/2012) [-]
because turtles are the ****

also, if those turtles weren't in water then they are probably tortoises
User avatar #14 - tenaciousjon ONLINE (12/15/2012) [-]
Lost it at "Little turtles ******* everywhere."
#13 - jakylxxx (12/14/2012) [-]
Does anyone else read the first letter of each line of these kind of posts before reading the actual text just to make sure its not yet another walk the dinosaur post?
#11 - Drumachine has deleted their comment [-]
#23 - RonnieMcCrea (12/15/2012) [-]
#7 - Temari (12/14/2012) [-]
OMG what?? lmao
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