Bright Mr. Sun. Another chronicle to the wonders of solar system drama..
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Bright Mr. Sun

Another chronicle to the wonders of solar system drama.

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Submitted: 12/13/2012
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#337 - TheBigGummyBear ONLINE (12/14/2012) [-]
you sure are doing your job today mr. sun
#329 - insomniaaacs (12/14/2012) [-]
well here's a fact: Venus is named after a Roman goddess of love and beauty.

now see why this is relevant
User avatar #327 - madjackwack (12/14/2012) [-]
i haven't scrolled down yet so i'm hoping no one's said this yet.

fun fact, Venus is a significantly hotter planet than mercury.
#323 - leebo (12/14/2012) [-]
Mr. Sun helps produce life cause Mr. Sun's a bro
#321 - saxtasticnick (12/14/2012) [-]
Mfw Sirius called the sun Sol.
Mfw Sirius called the sun Sol.
#319 - anonymous (12/14/2012) [-]
this is the dumbest **** i have ever seen

mars' ice is melting? what?
User avatar #318 - sepheroth (12/14/2012) [-]
Oh boy, I remember when I tried going maximum temperature!
User avatar #315 - hammarhead (12/14/2012) [-]
I feel like Saturn is a little Flamboyant.
User avatar #310 - UberAndrew (12/14/2012) [-]
If this is OC than I request much more of these.
User avatar #307 - Durp (12/14/2012) [-]
I read the planets' reactions in GIR's voice.
#296 - jakesir (12/14/2012) [-]
Something weird and overly meticulous to think about is how long the process for this to happen would take. In the time for the sun to say half of it's first sentence, civilizations would come and crumble away with the wind. In the time for the sun to say it's first sentence, humanity will have begun and ended, leaving an ultimately unchanging effect on the earth. In the time of that first half sentence, every person that you know and love, every person that has, and ever will, live on this earth, will have lived their lives and died in whatever manner. everything that we know today to be our lives will be gone. Popular brands and companies such as Apple, McDonalds, and Nike will be erased with time. These things, plus our accomplishments, our tastes, and our personalities are all included in an sliver impossibly small for the human eye to see on one letter in the first sentence. This is based off of scientific estimates that believe the sun will burn out in about 5 billion years, ultimately burning the Earth like in one of the last slides... just thought I'd share an expansive thought I had on this.
#285 - sweateagle (12/14/2012) [-]
mfw Uranus
User avatar #284 - Metallicock (12/14/2012) [-]
Wow, that was good
#282 - marcino (12/14/2012) [-]
Ahh... after a long time....I actually enjoyed an FJ post
#281 - cpthaze **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#297 to #281 - rgarnett (12/14/2012) [-]
where the **** did this gif from, and sauce...
#302 to #297 - cpthaze **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#276 - vycanismajoris (12/14/2012) [-]
-Earth (we are at 149 million kilometers from the sun and still need an atmosphere to protect us from it)
-Sun (around a million times greater than Earth)
-Eta Carinae (over 5 million times greater than the Sun)
-Betelgeuse (300 times larger than Eta Carinae)
-VY Canis Majoris (around a billion times bigger than our sun) is one of the biggest stars KNOWN.
-The closest star system to the sun is Alpha Centauri, with 3 stars orbiting around each other. That is at a distance of 4.2 light years. The fastest ******* thing in the universe still takes 4 years to get to our closest star system.
-There are between 200 and 400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.
-The Milky Way's diameter is about 100,000-120,000 light years.
-The biggest galaxy discovered floats with a girth of 6 million light years, and it has around 100 trillion stars.
-More than 54 galaxies form our Local group. This is 10 megalight years big, or 3.1 megaparsecs.
-Our local group, with other groups of galaxies, forms the Virgo Cluster.
-The Virgo Cluster, with other clusters, forms the Virgo Supercluster.
-The Virgo Supercluster holds at least 100 galaxy groups and clusters.
-This Supercluster and many others form the Galaxy filament, the Great Wall or a Supercluster complex, whatever you want to call it.
-Three Galaxy Filaments are known to date, wich form the largest structure in the universe.
-All that is the known universe.
-The universe is 13.75 billion years old.
-Physicists say that the Big Grip (when the universe ends) will be in about 16.6 billion years.
User avatar #272 - mrmagnum (12/14/2012) [-]
Hey guys, I don't know why i'm trusting FJ to give me solid opinions but i'm doing a paper on how the internet has changed people. I have to present this in school so i'd appreciate it if you can tell me how you think the internet ruins some people.

if TL;DR,
how do you think the internet changes people?
is it a problem?
is the next generation ****** ?
thanks guys i will thumb all decent responses
#299 to #272 - rgarnett (12/14/2012) [-]
" ******* " I think that the internet has made me better and worse. I've ******* because of it, but also now have a hard time not laughing at others, and my own, misfortunes. Then again though, you also have to argue that the internet isn't the only thing progressively ruining the future generation (in the eyes of adults "ruined"), there's also other media sources whoring up and dumbing down society as a whole. **** it all, there will forever be the prosperous who flourish through the stupidity which hangs over society like a fog.
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