The Pie Chart Experience. Wicked. Credit to 27bslash6.. Freer: Staten Date: 16 new Te: David Thorne Sunrises: the Design Help David,. tweak! theta eaten up " te if i had access to a Time machine id be your daddy
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The Pie Chart Experience

The Pie Chart Experience. Wicked. Credit to 27bslash6.. Freer: Staten Date: 16 new Te: David Thorne Sunrises: the Design Help David,. tweak! theta eaten up " te

Wicked. Credit to 27bslash6.

Freer: Staten
Date: 16 new
Te: David Thorne
Sunrises: the Design
Help David,.
tweak! theta eaten up " ten: " a realty hang pretest at the married: and need a tinge
designed. Densely swing representing peer tn peer 'ht! . I have tn have someth' e' tn shew
intents this west: we when we he were an "mathing Ingmar in the and few days? I we
dbl: need a meets ttf the charts dens hr a I page waters. If deal was ahead there we be new gene
money at It fer yen.
them: David Theme
Date: attendee It) -. aernt: ier 3.
Tot Simon
its Lage Design
Dear Simon,
Disregarding the fact that EDD have mi net paid me fer wed: I year despite several
we weed dd ed. be weighted tn spend my free titre meme been end pie charts
far we dd further vague premises at terms passage payment. means the washed pie inner: as
requested and at has thew any Manges required.
Regards, David.
fer riding the wart: I blt
From, Shun
Date: t. tandey he Street' ttritt 4.
Te: David Theme
Subtract Re Re: Lean Design
Is that supposed tn he a Ne? I an we the previews magnets did net ahead. I invested a at
more the and energy in dress pregame than we did. we put as much energy he the dd
being a we would be a let there
Freer: David Theme
Itrite: muddy " EDD? 6,
Tn: Shine
sentient: Re PM PM Lew Design
Dear Simon,
We are correct and I apologise. Your last pretest was accualty both commercially viable and original.
the was commercially viable was nut . and the pad that was original was
net commercially viable.
tween deem the year ideas mere ‘ceding edge‘ and oriiginal it I had hovered tern; are it the here the
1950' s net " It stands, Pour Ideas for technolagy leased that have Heady been purine
application by other wept»: set. - before we thaoght ttf than tall tn generate the they
penny deserve. Having said , it I had traveled forward in the my the weed
prabably put innr new to peer ' tn shame as net only weed . have commercial
viability. but also an Inge and pie charts.
Regardless, thrive. " redeemed. mashed a. teen that represents net unmet: new tn peer
pinkei:: t we are currectly en, but -v. -art-:' rig vrea we in general.
Regards. David-
Frem: Simian
Tet: David Theme
Subtract: Re: Re: Re: Re: Logo Design
the Just pressed the he ‘rent have he Idea absent the antenatal this pretest has The stews
were In peer tn anner. add . share and its dident‘ ween may nines "
dukes and veer shed sightedness test DINDT we any chance N being inverted.
From: David Theme
Date: Tuesday 1? . -anther 2009 1.
Tea Simon
Subject: its Re: Re, He: Re; Luge Design
Dear Simon,
Sn we have invented Twitter, Congratu Interns. This is whoesthat the megurine went: definitely have
were it quite handy.
when I was about twelve. I read that time stews dew: when the speed cit him an I
constructed a time machine by sew ring net fathers generally tn the back my with
rope and attaching the drive belt tn the back wheel. t. Infnite naasty. instead the and
finding myself it the fixture. thew debout titty metres aiding the 1' catpath at defers finding
myself in a bush. When when by the nurse ting net the accident report “Dense trf . 9" t
stated ' butane write animi
It I did have a . rti: totg the , the that thing I ween dd is bent: leer new and tell agreed tn read
the warning earths tattie retrieval areas: when t net es' en shuns areas. l
than travel several rename nurture wedded agreeing in tty endings renders at deride
were fer an Md we wielding the bushels than equivalent at e retarded chit) petting itself in the eye with
a speed. before back In and we tiring In myself the lung term
repercussions of going to the hairdresser and asking fer a haircut anew like Leann' s the day
teeters at large gathering.
Regs me. David.
Freda: Strand
Date: Tuesday 1? Edd? 3.
Te: been ‘herds
saddest: Re. Re: Re: the Ar: Re: Legs Design
we teary are at Tunisia dint and have an idea what we are haste anger. The tainted: I are worte an
he were than -use at year. when tasters grated tar an miter. news I we giants any
email. here we begging In be a part cit it and vii and we I postcard hem my yacht Sine.
From: David Theme
Date: Tuesday 2009 3.
Te: Simon
Guttiest: Re." Re: Re: Re: Re: Re Re: Luge Design
at when
aiding ht: peeled: fer
telly mildew atelier:
and landing than
new treat all
Fran: Sirens
Date: Tunney IT EDIE -Huger
Te: David Theme
Earliest Re: Re: Re: Rte: Re: Re: Re: Re: Legs Design
Anyone' else ween be able In see the I are presenting hm not we ‘fee have ta he at tuning
smart arse sheet l AI I was sung fer was a Inge and a few pie charts which have than yen a
he hitters.
Freer: Shae
IT New EDIE -Hiram
Te: David Theme
steepest: Re; Re: Re: " tie: as Re: Re: Legs Design
Anyone we weed be ante in see the I ant presenting bat net yea. You have tn be a fucking
smart arse anbout i. All I was asking far was a Inge and a few the charts which have when we a
few feeling DUDE.
Hem: David Theme
2009 -1.
Tin: Simon
sentient: lite. Re: File: " are die. He: lite: " Lege Design
Dear Simon
Amish, we were . I: irg was teat design a which would have when me a few hours and fifteen
years manna. Fer tree. Wm pie sheds. when peeps den‘: an ere tn design them a hinge. pie
charts er weeding l, in return. titt net pant my EDD meant, drive me tn the airport, represent me
in need er whatever it is they dd fer a living. UH fortunately thaugh. " wer business medal
entirely "‘ is sent. t are gene tn matte a website just like that this we exchange tithes
services has we as we ether nathing M which tweet eel: fer.
Regards. David-
Fruits Siren
new Tuesday It theate 4.
Tm begat Theme
Subject Re. Re.- Re.- Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re Re: Urge Design
the fuck is wer paint’? Are we gang tn dd the Inge and shade fer me er net?
From: David Theme
Date: Tuesday I? mam HIDE 5 jthm
The siren
t: " the the Ire: " its the we its its the Lean
Frr: trr' t.' Shun
Date: Tuesday 1? EDIE 5.
Te: Darrin theme
Strainer: its Re; Re: Re. Re: Re: Re: its Re: Re: He: He: Legs Design
tho net ever entail me agate.
Dew Themes
Date: Tuesday " Hemmer EDS 5.
Tu: Simon
Fife: Re: Re: Re: the Re: Fits: Eta: Fla: He: " Re: Fla: Legs Deisgn
Deed Leit with year proceed. If we use let has knew.
Regards. David.
Freer: Sterne
Date: Tuesday 17 EDD?
Te: David Theme
Get tented.
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