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#199 - sheperdofthestars
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(12/11/2012) [-]
Not sure if I already told this story on FJ but here goes:

>Be me, Senior prom
>In a long distance relationship w/ bf, so going alone
>Danced like a madwoman, **** was so cash
>Slow dance songs come on, decide I'm not gonna just be a wallflower, want to be remembered for something
>Original plan had been to wear a tux and bring a girl as my date
>Instead put arms up like I'm holding my man and slow dance alone
>One song halfway through, boy I know walks over
>Not really friend but we rode the same bus route, 7/10
>Steps into the void where a man would be, takes my hand, starts dancing.
>"Uhh... Hi? Don't you already have a date?"
>"She said it was okay. Besides, you only get one Senior prom. Someone should dance with you."
>Tear up, most people at school never treated me this nice, most tried to avoid me like the plague.
>Dips me at the end, then pulls me up and kisses the back of my hand.
>"I hope the rest of your evening is magical, Milady."
>Goes back to his date.